Top 20 Places to Catch a Sofar in 2020

Top 20 Places to Catch a Sofar in 2020
Around the World with SofarJanuary 9, 2020

A new year means a new chance to see a Sofar in over 400 cities all over the world! Can’t decide where to travel next? The Sofar Sounds team has rounded up some of the most vibrant places to catch an intimate show and discover exciting new artists in 2020 🌏. Read up on some of our favorite cities, pack your bags, and we’ll see you somewhere unexpected!

1 | Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Get lost in the architecture, the canals and the amazing Sofar lineups that are in store for you in Amsterdam. With intimate venues hidden all over one of Europe’s most historic cities, the rest of the Sofar team is dying to catch one of Amsterdam’s many magical shows. 

Aymar Torres performing at Sofar Amsterdam | Photo by Yvette Bolten

2 | Auckland, New Zealand

In the mood to explore one of the world’s most naturally gorgeous cities? Put Auckland on your bucket list ASAP, and don’t forget to get tickets to see a Sofar while you’re in town. You might just find yourself in a stunning record store, an intimate front porch gig, or a backyard serenade

Sophie Mashlan performing at Sofar Auckland | Photo by Steve Bone

3 | Berlin, Germany

These days, just saying "Berlin" makes you feel instantly cooler. Get an inside look at Germany’s largest city — when you see a Sofar in Berlin, you’ll have a backstage pass to the coolest venues and on-the-rise artists. Plus, we’re a heck of a lot easier to get into than Berghain. Pro-tip: travel by bike! Berlin is the world’s most bikeable city. 

Sofar Berlin at Scaling Spaces | Photo by Тim Hø

4 | Gran Canaria, Spain

Sandy beaches, scenic cliffs and incredible Sofar shows every month — this Spanish island off the coast of Africa in the Canary Islands has all the ingredients for an amazing getaway. Make sure to bring your hiking boots! This island also boasts world-renowned trails and breathtaking views. 

Sofar Gran Canaria | Photo by Nacho Gonzalez

5 | Mexico City, Mexico

Beaming with history, art and food, it’s no surprise that Mexico City made the list of top places to catch a Sofar. Stay in one of the many historic neighborhoods like Roma, explore their impressive museums and the Frida Kahlo house, take a trip to a nearby Mayan temple, and soak in all of the culture (and tacos) that Mexico City has to offer. 

Tomás del Real performing at Sofar Mexico City | Photo by Ariela Adato

6 | Paris, France

The city made for (music) lovers. Get cozy in a Parisian cafe or brewery, and fall in love with the incredible talent and beautiful buildings (and people!) this city has to offer. Je t’aime, Paris

Kim Logan performing at Sofar Paris at Jardin21

7| Cape Town, South Africa 

Those views! One of the dreamiest cities to host Sofar, Cape Town has already hosted some spectacular shows. Set your flight alerts and plan your trip to the city that’s alive with possibility

Tshawekazi performing at Sofar Cape Town | Photo by Alex Birns

8 | Copenhagen, Denmark

Did someone say “hygge”? We wouldn't blame you if you quit your job, bought a flight and headed to Copenhagen — it’s home to the world’s happiest people. If happiness and history aren’t enough for you, they’ve also got some awesome shows on the roster for 2020. (And beer, they have lots of beer.)

Manila performing at Sofar Copenhagen | Photo by David Schwieger

9 | Lima, Peru

Lima is home to some of our most energetic shows and eye catching venues. With beautiful cliff sides, enchanting history and an impressive culinary scene — do yourself a favor and put this South American city on your travel itinerary ASAP.

Los Estroboscopicos performing at Sofar Lima | Photo by Elizabeth Romero

10 | Reykjavik, Iceland

There’s more to Iceland than incredible trails, jaw-dropping waterfalls and relaxing hot springs. Now, there are also Sofar shows in stringlit thrift shops and intimate living room shows to look forward to on your next visit. Next stop: Reykjavik.

Ólöf Arnalds performing at Sofar Reykjavik | Photo by Ben Gruber

11 | Cairo, Egypt

Secret shows in one of the world’s oldest cities? Yes, please. Head to Cairo for enchanting sets played by international talents like Ahmed Safi and Shahira Kamal Band.

Do'souqa - دعسوقة performing at Sofar Cairo | Photo by Fouad El-Batrawi

12 | Medellin, Colombia

Hands up if you want to experience the musical diversity of Medellín 🙋‍♀️ This city goes far beyond reggaeton! They've got gorgeous architecture (just check out the background of Goli’s epic show) and hilly street art-filled views to keep your wanderlust alive and well in South America.

La Fragua Band performing at Sofar Medellin | Photo by Josuar Ochoa

13 | New Orleans, USA 

Come hungry for new music and plenty of beignets! This Cajun city is so, so much more than bachelorette parties and Mardi Gras. Overflowing with southern charm, jazz and enchanting venues, there’s also room for Sofar shows in New Orleans

Tank and the Bangas performing at Sofar New Orleans

14 | Oslo, Norway

Where the Danes have hygge, Norwegians have “koselig.” This Scandinavian city is home to the coziest Sofars with hosts who have a knack for talent and hospitality. Find yourself in a string lit thrift shop or museum, sit back and enjoy songs from a room in Oslo.

Sofar Oslo | Photo by Marie Charlotte Thomsen Lund

15 | São Paulo, Brazil

One of the world’s most populated cities is quickly becoming one of Sofar’s favorites. With a killer food scene and devoted music-loving residents (aka Paulistanos), this city is home to a fast-growing network of Sofar lovers. See for yourself why they call São Paulo the NYC of South America!

Manacá Me Viu Pequena performing at Sofar São Paulo | Photo by Ana Caterina

16 | Tallinn, Estonia

In need of a getaway to a tiny old town on the Baltic Sea? Tallinn, Estonia is the destination you didn’t know you needed in your life. Wander the cobblestone streets and 15th century architecture that surrounds the historic city before finding yourself in an open air museum, packed climbing gym or charming studio for a Sofar show you won’t forget. 

Sofar Tallinn hosts in green backyards and with very good dogs | Photo by Brit Maria Tael

17 | Tel Aviv, Israel

An epicenter of culture and history, Tel Aviv is a city bursting with life and teaming with musical talent. Next time you’re in town, take a break from the foot tours of Bauhaus architecture, delicious Israeli food and Mediterranean Sea views and settle into a Sofar show you’re bound to remember forever. 

Kim In The Sun performing at Sofar Tel Aviv | Photo by Andrew Semko

18 | Tokyo, Japan

Neon-lit skyscrapers and bustling metro areas make Tokyo a must-see (and slightly overwhelming) bucket list destination. While you’re soaking in all of the culture, cuisine, and let’s face it — karaoke — the city has to offer, swing by a Sofar too.

Sofar Tokyo at Naritasan Ennoji Temple

19 | Washington, DC, USA

When you’re not learning about US history, snapping selfies with the famous National Gallery Obama portraits or riding bikes around the Mall, pop into one of the many Sofar shows happening in the American capital every month. 

Sofar Washington, D.C. at Culture House | Photo by Mauricio Castro

20 | Wellington, New Zealand 

Fall in love with this coastal city (also the southernmost capital city in the world!). Surrounded by incredible views and challenging hikes, Wellington, New Zealand is a city made for adventurers (and music-lovers, of course)!

Can't beat the views at this Sofar Wellington show | Photo by Victoria Saunders

Want to find a Sofar while traveling, or taking a staycation? Wherever your wanderlust takes you, there’s bound to be a Sofar nearby!

Header image of Super Simio at Sofar Lima by Luis Paredes

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