9 Things to Do While Watching Keep Listening Livestreams This Week

9 Things to Do While Watching Keep Listening Livestreams This Week
Video Round-upAugust 13, 2020

Stuck in quarantine and feel like your days are repeating themselves? The struggle is real. Join us as we mix up our routines during this week's livestream shows. Here are 9 Things To Do While Watching Keep Listening Shows This Week!

Take it outside

Whether it's heading outside to a porch, a backyard, a fire escape, or a trip to the park, a little time outside can dramatically change your day. Throw on some SPF and take the show outdoors for some deep breaths and much-needed vitamin D.

Mark your calendars for Boyish live in the listening room on Monday, August 17th.

Recommended watch: Iskandar Widjaja performing in Berlin.

Enjoy dinner and a show

Been watching a lot of Netflix during mealtime? (Guilty as charged.) Whether you're the chef or you're ordering takeout, mix up your dinner routine by watching an intimate and entertaining livestream from a talented independent artist.

Recommended watch: Madeline Edwards

Re-invigorate your day

Feeling low on energy and looking to turn your day around? Re-charge with an upbeat show. Nothing fixes like the blues like good music.

Mark your calendars for Eva McBel on Wednesday, August 19th.

Recommended watch: Sugi Dakks

Try one of those puzzles you got at the start of quarantine

You know those puzzles you bought in March and never got around to finishing? Break 'em out while listening to a soft serenade from any of your favorite genres.

Recommended watch: Kate Yeager

Go for a walk

If endorphins make you happy, endorphins and good music must make you ecstatic. Grab your mask and take a walk around the block with some of the amazing Sofar artists coming to the listening room.

Recommended watch: Chadwick Stokes

Make yourself a drink

It's 5 o'clock somewhere! If you're in the right time zone or mood, take a quick trip to the bar cart and mix yourself something special. You can even pretend you're at a venue elbowing your way to the bar. Pro tip: try out one of the recipes from Our Favorite Summer Cocktails!

Mark your calendars for Rubber in the listening room on Tuesday, August 18th.

Recommended watch: Bronze Avery

Refresh your coffee (or tea) cup

Ever get a few hours into the workday and realize your coffee is cold and your brain is fried? Make a fresh cup of joe, or take a trip to support a local coffee shop, and reset some good energy and better music.

Recommended watch: Rodrigo Alarcon

Unplug for a bit

If you're anything like us, you might be feeling overwhelmed by the internet lately. One of our favorite fixes for internet overload is to turn off notifications and tune into a forty-minute livestream show. Come frazzled, leave refreshed.

Mark your calendars for Nick Shoulders performing live on Friday, August 14th.

Recommended watch: Siana Altise

Take a bit of time for some self-care

Who are we kidding? Sometimes we all need a reminder to drink some water, do some stretches, and take good care of ourselves. Let these Keep Listening shows be yours!

Mark your calendars for Kansy live in the listening room on Thursday, August 20th

Recommended watch: Mavica

Find more Keep Listening shows happening every weekday at 3 PM EST in the Sofar listening room!

Header image is by Olivia Corley, taken at Beach House Cowork.