The Best of 2020 (So Far)

The Best of 2020 (So Far)
Video Round-upJuly 6, 2020

It's been a turbulent and transformative year — one that's made us especially grateful for new music. Check out the best Sofar performances of the year (so far):

JUICE - Stupidfreak | Sofar NYC

Blending rock, pop, R&B, and hip-hop, Juice has embraced the diversity of their signature sound since their start in Boston. This set in NYC is a special, emotional taste of their unique sound.

More highlights from the East Coast: Adeline - "Twilight (NYC); Namarah - "Deia" (DC); Kingsley Ibeneche - "Kknees" (Philly); NiiTO - Back 2 New York (Raleigh); César Paniagua - "Nobody Knows" (Miami); Wildermiss - "Paralyzed" (NYC)

Lisa Canny - Run Back To You | Sofar London

This Irish singer-songwriter has toured the world with her enchanting lyrics and inspiring vocals. With countless accolades and stunning shows behind her, we can promise this impressive performance won’t be the last you see of Lisa Canny

More highlights from London: MckNasty - "Kemet"; Bamily - "Hey Raoul"; Sienna Melella - "Go Back", Tomfoolery - "Back In My Day"

George Ka - Par Avance | Sofar Paris

This young artist has quickly gained attention for her honest songwriting about girlhood and belonging.

More highlights from Europe: Oordaya - "This Type Of Love"(Toulouse); Lemony Rug - "Some Time" (Mannheim); MIRRAR - "Lunch for Superstars" (Nuremberg); Anna Mancini - "Kamikaze" (Naples); Ilin Papazyan - "Ще бъдеш ли до мен" (Sofia)

Los Tabaleros - Bicicleta | Sofar Buenos Aires

Get ready to be enchanted by the romantic guitar and soaring melodies in this truly stunning performance.

More highlights from Latin America: Amanda Coronha - "Glass Heart" (São Paulo); Nao Recomendados - "Impitimá" (Rio de Janeiro); YOÙN - "Meu Grande Amor"(Rio de Janeiro); Mauro Samaniego - "Luna"(Guayaquil); Fernanda Perochena (Lima) - "Otro Café"

Moneka Arabic Jazz - Tathini | Toronto

We wish could travel back in time to be dancing to Moneka Arabic Jazz in a pre-COVID packed bar. Tune in to the show to see what we mean.

More highlights from Canada: STORRY - "A Lost Find" (Toronto); Isaac Vallentin - "Inflation" (Montréal); Malade - "Commission" (Vancouver); Melafrique - "Lost Cause / Enough" (Edmonton)

María Peláe - La Niña | Sofar Madrid

The energy, talent, and rhythm that María Peláe brings to the stage is truly extraordinary. Tune in to be blown away.

More highlights from Spain: Chiquito Pantano - "On the Road Again"(Valencia); Raquel Lúa - "Ruegos y Demás" (A Coruña); Silvia Penide - "Más de lo Normal"(A Coruña)

VINCINT - Remember Me | Sofar Los Angeles

This performance is soft, sweet, and powerful all at once. VINCINT has made his way into hearts and history with his incredible voice and magnetism.

More highlights from West Coast: Rae Khalil - "Yellow Castle" (Los Angeles); TeZATalks - "Kinko" (Seattle)

OSTON - Shrug | Sofar Chicago

This rising artist has proven herself over and over with honey-rich vocals and incredible songwriting.

More highlights from the Midwest: Slaves - "I Fall Apart (Post Malone Cover)" (Chicago), Allison Victoria - "A Sunday Kind of Love (Etta James Cover)"(Indianapolis)

Big Violin Player - Seoul 657 | Sofar Seoul

Haunting and hard to forget, we can guarantee you've never heard anything quite like Big Violin Player.

Emily Muli - All On Me | Sofar Auckland

Emily Muli's voice is soaked in jazz and emotion. Listen to her sweet song, "All On Me" to turn your day around.

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Header image is of JUICE by Colleen O'Donnell