Team Picks: Our Favorite Music-Themed Movies

Team Picks: Our Favorite Music-Themed Movies
People of SofarMarch 18, 2021

Do you feel like you’re running out quarantine entertainment lately? Running out of new shows and movies? The Sofar team is here for you with all the best music-themed quarantine recs, from books and documentaries to shows and movies. Read up on our favorite music-themed movies below! (Popcorn not included.)


As a Mexican American I identified and admired Selena when I was little. I loved her voice and would dance around the house singing into my hair brush. The biographical movie with Jennifer Lopez was one of my favorites and still is to this day.

—Stephanie, NYC

Rogers and Hart

So this is going to make me look even older than I am, but I just love the musical Words and Music which is the story of songwriters Rogers and Hart.

—Joanna, Houston

The Temptations

All the Detroit stuff: biopics — real and fictitious — as well as some of the docs and miniseries. I'll name a few (to spare everyone) — The Temptations, The Five Heartbeats, Standing in the Shadows of Motown

—Blake, Baltimore

Eight Mile


—Vishwas, NYC

The Sound of Music

I first watched this film with my gran when I was a little girl and we sang "climb every mountain" together, I was obsessed with singing the songs and wanted to be Liesel and "Do-Re-Mi" was one of the first songs I learnt on piano! It's such a beautiful multi-faceted story and inspirational as it's based on a true story that happened at such a serious moment in global history, WW2.  There's faith, love, loss, humor throughout which I love and to this day, every now and then my best friend and I watch it and singalong. Our "Do- Re- Mi" dance is off the coolness charts!

—Kirsty, London

Pitch Perfect

No shame at all.

—Erica, Boston

An American in Paris

I blame my mum for giving me a lifelong love of old fashioned musicals. 

—Eleanor, London

Chasing Happiness

Okay ,no bias, the Jonas Brothers reunion doc, "Chasing Happiness,” actually is a really interesting look at child stardom, life in Disney, family band issues, etc!

—Grace, NYC

Coffee and Cigarettes

Coffee and Cigarettes is such a cool piece of work. Jim Jarmousch brings together artists and actors to sit and chat while drinking coffee and smoking cigarettes. Some highlights are Jack and Meg White chatting about science, Bill Murray serving Wu-Tang Clan, and my personal fav, Iggy Pop and Tom Waits annoying each other. If you miss seeing musicians in dark smokey rooms, then this one’s for you.

—Adam, London

Simply Complicated

Demi Lovato’s “Simply Complicated” was a beautiful and vulnerable documentary about Demi’s career and substance abuse journey. Super emotional and real watch. 

—Tori, Chicago

The Commitments

Deep cut, but I saw this movie when I was in grade school and still listen to this soundtrack on full repeat to this very day.

—David, St. Louis

Grab the popcorn and cozy up to the best music movies in the game. Find more music recs and quarantine guides on the Sofar blog every week!