Team Picks: Most Influential Music Videos

Team Picks: Most Influential Music Videos
Team PicksJuly 30, 2020

Remember eating cereal to a music video re-run on MTV every Saturday? Now you can relive the glory days by browsing through our Team Picks list of the most influential music videos. Check out our team's favorite music videos of all time and meet more summer artists in the Sofar listening room, every day at 3 PM EST!

Beyoncé, Shatta Wale, Major Lazer | ALREADY

Beyonce is once again breaking barriers with her first release of the Black Is King visual album. The way she shows beautiful black bodies across the African diaspora is breath-taking and just a taste of what is sure to be an incredible body of work.

—Jenn, NYC

Childish Gambino | This Is America

"This is America" is iconic. A heartbreaking and witty look at this country from start to finish.

— Jenn, NYC

The Notorious B.I.G. | Mo Money Mo Problems

Because we absolutely MUST HAVE Hype Williams on this list somewhere.

— Eric, NYC

Britney Spears | Toxic

Let's be real, who didn't want to rock a flight attendant 'fit after this vid came out. Not only is the costume design great, but the song itself is timeless.

— Mara, NYC

Ok Go | Here It Goes Again

I thought this was so revolutionary at the time it came out.

—Eric, NYC

Missy Elliott | The Rain (Supa Dupa Fly)

Missy changed the game and this video was a much-needed change in the representation of women in the music industry for me. Fully clothed, curvy, beautiful brown skin and in complete control of her artistry!

— Christen, Baltimore

Micheal Jackson | Thriller

When thinking about some of the most influential music videos, Michael Jackson’s Thriller always comes up. Not only because it helped fuel the album’s standing as one of the top-selling of all time, but also because it created an artistic and cultural moment that influenced generations to come. Plus, who doesn’t love that dance of the undead?!

— Rose, NYC

Red Hot Chili Peppers | Californication

Music and a video game = gold for a 13-year-old me!

—Kyle, London

Jungle | Casio

All of the Jungle videos are incredibly enjoyable to watch — they all feature talented modern dancers in a variety of settings, ranging from warehouses to living rooms to the roof of an LA mansion. I have a particular soft spot for charming flirtation in "Casio."

— Brandy, São Paulo

Kendrick Lamar | Alright

This is one of my favorite music videos of all time.

— Billy, Chicago

Erykah Badu | Window Seat

I was mesmerized the first time I saw “Window Seat” by Erykah Badu. It made me think a lot about my own womanhood and how proud I am to be a woman.

— Stephanie, NYC

Half Alive | Still Feel

Watching the Half Alive ‘Still Feel’ video gave me the same blissful feeling as watching OK GO’s classic ‘Here It Goes Again’ for the first time, but with the sparkling production that is now available 10 years later. The choreography is strange and often slightly body-contorting, yet flawless and joyful. The song itself is infectious, and for some reason, the lead singer’s two claps at 3:14 gets me every time. I want to be friends with these boys, I want to dance in a crowd at their show, and I want everyone to watch this video and be floored like me.

— Grace, NYC

Aaliyah | More Than a Woman

RIP to a Queen.

— Christina, San Diego

Betty Who | The One

I love Betty Who's video for The One. It dropped in Feb, but reminds me of all the boy band videos of the early 2000s!

— Erica, Boston

Spice Girls | Wannabe

This was a massive moment in UK pop music/ my childhood - the video makes literally zero sense really! But was the moment that took my friends and I from playing tag in the playground to dancing and prancing around, singing, doing dance routines and arguing about who was going to be Baby Spice.

— Kirsty, London

Gotye | Somebody That I Used To Know

This defined 2011 for me.

— Christina, San Diego

Stromae | Papaoutai

I love watching Stromae's videos. When learning French it helped to watch the vision he curated alongside the music. When performing the song live, he always performed as the character from the accompanying music video.

— Jane, London

alt-J | Breezeblocks

One of the most creative music vids I’ve seen. It left a mark on me for sure.

— Tori, Chicago

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