Sofar City Secrets: Chelsea Guide

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You can always count on Sofar Sounds to bring the magic back to any live music experience, but we decided to take it a step further by helping you plan the rest of your epic Sofar evening as well! We asked Sofar NYC Ambassadors to share their favorite spots for food, drinks and of course, dancing, so you can plan your whole evening in Chelsea.

We know that you come to Sofar for so much more than just the music…so don’t be afraid to invite a new friend out to join you after the show!

Before the Magic

The Frying Pan

Sofar Says: “It’s a sailboat that has excellent cocktails and seafood.  It’s on the dock, so the generally longish wait is very pleasant when it’s nice out. Pro move: Bring a couple incognito cold beers or canned wine for the wait.” - Max-Coyne Green, Guest Liaison

It might be time to break out “I’m on a Boat” again, because The Frying Pan is a floating barge and lightship slinging lunch, dinner, and drinks with sweet views of the Hudson River, making for what can only be described as a stationary booze cruise. Start your evening off right with seafood, sangria, and the sunset before moving onto the main event (a Sofar show, of course). If you haven’t checked this unique NYC spot out yet, well, it’s a-boat time.

207 12th Avenue; Photo by @jay.shek

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Chelsea Market

Sofar Says: “Chelsea Market has a distinct environment and energy that can be felt as soon as you walk in the doors; it’s like it’s alive inside. Not to mention, it has such a diverse array of food that if you were to go there with a group of people who all wanted different cuisines, you could all leave satisfied.” - Kevin Essig, Artist Liaison

Much like you’d grab some grub before middle-school Hot Topic shopping sprees at food-court staples like Sbarro and Wetzel’s Pretzels, you can pregame your next Sofar show with an array of (slightly more upscale) offerings from the 35 vendors who’ve set up shop at Chelsea Market. And you won’t even have to call your mom to have her pick you up afterward.

75 9th Ave

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After the Magic

Sid Gold's

Sofar Says: “The kicker: It’s a request room – so you can request any song from their enormous songbook for the piano player to play. The real kicker: they have printed out lyrics for most of their songs, so after a certain hour it becomes a classy karaoke place. The piano player and the crowd usually join in. Very unique and awesome experience.” - Max Coyne-Green, Guest Liaison

If our show inspires you to find a stage of your own, look no further than Sid Gold’s, where it’s business (cocktails) in the front and party (piano bar) in the back. Come armed with a song request  – pop, punk, soul, whatever –then acquire some liquid courage, grab the mic and show the audience what you’ve got.

165 W 26th Street

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Gallow Green 

Sofar Says: “When in Chelsea, you are limited on choices past 10th Avenue, but Gallow Green is amazing rooftop with lots of greenery and perfect for sunny days.” - Annalisa Buehler, Show Lead & MC

What do you do when you’re done raising the roof? Go drink on one, of course. Situated atop the McKittrick Hotel, this Instagrammable oasis boasts twinkle lights and garden vibes, and – while it may be a tad pricey – serves as an impressive neighborhood spot for two of New Yorkers’ favorite things: booze and views.

542 w 27th Street

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