Standout Hip Hop Sofar Performances

Standout Hip Hop Sofar Performances
Video Round-upMay 18, 2020

In honor of Hip Hop Appreciation Week, we’re revisiting some of our favorite hip hop shows from around the world! These artists are undeniably talented, incredibly passionate, and here to make your week a little better. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show(s)!

Lady Sanity

This Birmingham emcee is known for her hard-hitting flow and energetic blend of grime, ‘90s hip hop and jazz influences.


A 7-piece hip-hop collective with lyrical prowess, catchy hooks, and all the love and positivity we need right now. Spoiler alert: It’s impossible to watch this without dancing. Tune in for the killer beats. Stay for the doggo.

Rudimental feat. Anne Marie

This British four-piece has toured the world with their eclectic and dominating sounds. Every time we hear them we’re blown away and this Sofar London show was no exception. 

Afrikan Boy

Fusing together his passion for grime, rap and afrobeat with a love for a good hook, Afrikan Boy is steadily carving out his own niche in the MC circle. With a self-assured musical style - his lyrics are as dynamic as his musical tastes.

Doc Brown

This legendary London MC has done it all: comedy, acting, and underground rap. There’s brutal honesty and organic instrumentation in his every verse. See for yourself and watch his London show!

Ivy Sole

Need more groovy hip hop and sweet vibes in your life right now? Press play on literally anything by this Charlotte-born rapper and she’ll leave you smitten.


This Philipino-American wowed us in Chicago with his raspy fast verses and soulful vibe. Watch his special, stripped down performance of D4L (Down for Life). 


Incredible stage presence, impressive flow, and diverse beats — this London rapper has all the makings of an amazing hip hop artist. He’s consistently excellent and always keeps us on our toes. 

Jungle Brown

Jazzy instrumentals and smooth hip hop vibes — this UK rap collective has created a stunning and consistent sound we just can’t get enough of. 

Cassius Tae

With his heart on his sleeve, Cassius Tae wowed a Sofar Chicago audience with his unique cadence and unparalleled lyrical expression.

Brb, playing these artists on repeat and updating our playlists ASAP. To discover more new artists, head to the Sofar listening room for amazing live performances happening every day.

Header image of SPACE CADE7S by David Anthony.

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