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Best Sofar Shows For A Rainy Day

Best Sofar Shows For A Rainy Day
November 18, 2020

Looking for a playlist to match your next rainy day? Pour the tea and get ready to be in your feels. This roundup is full of stellar independent artists from all over the globe and waiting to elevate your next rainstorm. Check it out!

VETKA - Звездопадом | Sofar Kharkiv

Sit back and enjoy the cascading melodies and emotional vocals. This soft and sweet show is perfect for a rainy day at home with a cup of coffee. 

Bartleby Delicate - Pame Mia Volta | Sofar Luxembourg

If you’re looking for an emotional song that feels as good as it sounds, look no further. 

Lukass Edgars - Honey | Sofar Riga

Prepare to be in your feels, this stunning performance from Riga has all of the gorgeous vocals and striking lyrics to set the scene for a dark, introspective day.

Safar - Cake | Sofar Beirut

Grab a blanket and curl up to the silky smooth vocals of Safar. This show is sticky sweet and sure to bring a pocket of brightness to any rainy day. 

Cristina Bitiusca - Che Pykasumi | Sofar Asunción

This stunning song feels as sweet as a lullaby and as striking as a Broadway number. Listen now to be enchanted.

Aya Metwalli - Elnour Matouaa | Sofar Cairo

Listening to this entrancing song feels half like being hypnotized and half like discovering your new favorite genre. 

Una Stef - Be My Man | Sofar Reykjavík

Looking for a jolt of energy on a sleepy, rainy day? This is it, trust us. 

Slow J - O Cliente | Sofar Lisbon

This artist has been breaking the old perceptions of Portuguese music and cultural identity. See for yourself in this magnetic performance of “O Cliente.”

Lucy Peach - Golden Days | Sofar Perth

Like Lucy Dacaus and Norah Jones? You’re going to love the raspy vocals and folk melodies in this beautiful show from Perth.

Morgan - Goodbye | Sofar Madrid

Pour a cup of tea and stare out the rainy window, this song is for feeling your feelings and we’re so here for it.

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