Why Private Virtual Concerts Are The Perfect Event For Your Remote Law Firm

Why Private Virtual Concerts Are The Perfect Event For Your Remote Law Firm
Private ConcertsOctober 30, 2020

Sofar Sounds has kept busy producing private, virtual concerts for a wide array of clients and occasions. From law firms to ad agencies; from happy hours to company kick-offs; from a sales celebration to an engineering team meeting their deadline,  these concerts are a fun, innovative way to bring people together in a meaningful way.

Here are just a few of the ways Private Virtual Concerts stand out from other online events:

1. They offer something different.

Zoom fatigue is real. Luckily private virtual concerts are a whole new experience that break away from the constant Zoom face-to-face we are all experiencing. With a dynamic MC and two great artists, Sofar Private Concerts are a welcome departure from a typical Zoom experience.

2. Private Virtual Concerts are just plain cool.

There’s nothing quite like live music. Experiencing a live, curated show with your team or client is a fantastic opportunity to foster connection. Music is proven to boost endorphins and relax the listener, leaving your team feeling refreshed and inspired. And, in these strange and stressful times, giving people something to look forward to has never been more important.

3. They introduce new music into your firm.

Music connects, music inspires. Bring an experience to your team or clients that is sure to be one of your most talked about moments of this crazy year.

4. Concerts help you engage with and support a diverse mix of emerging musicians.

The music business has been turned upside down and artists have been affected in a profound way. One of the things we’re most proud of is our growing artist network featuring a diverse and global pool of talented artists. These concerts give artists a platform and an audience while introducing their music to new, potential fans.

5. These shows give your team a well-deserved break.

Let’s face it, we all need a little break from this weird version of Groundhog Day we’re all stuck in. Music continues to be one of the best ways to break away from stress, anxiety, and ruts!

6. They help kick off 2021 on a high note .

It’s safe to say we’re all looking forward to starting 2021 off with some fresh new energy. Why not start with the rush of live music and the intimacy of connecting with your team members in an exciting way?

7. Curated concerts show your clients you’re thinking about them in different ways.

It’s not a generic gift basket or a gift certificate, a Sofar Virtual Concert shows your client you know them and gives them an experience to cherish and remember.

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8. They entertain your team/clients during a time where it’s tough to entertain.

We all miss entertaining and being entertained. Sofar Virtual Concerts are a great way to make sure you are using those entertainment hours that might have been spent at a restaurant, a theatre or on the links.

9. They’re a global experience!

If you have offices, teams or clients in locations around the globe, Sofar Virtual Concerts can bring those teams together through the lens of live music.

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