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Find the Perfect Concert and Cocktail Vibe For Your Company

Find the Perfect Concert and Cocktail Vibe For Your Company
April 9, 2021

We know company camaraderie is harder to achieve than ever before, which is why we created Private Virtual Concerts that bring celebrated artists to your team for intimate, meaningful shows curated just for you. Unsure what your team’s concert vibe is? We have a few ideas in mind. Read below to match your company personality with the best cocktail and concert vibe around.

The Small-But-Mighty Startup X Sylvan Esso X Negroni

Startup life is a lot of things, and easy isn’t one of them. Is your team full of hardworking and scrappy employees who have been there from the beginning? Is their work leading to huge payoffs? Sounds like they may be in need of a relaxing, blood-pressure lowering set from renowned musician, Sylvan Esso, paired with a flavorful, timeless Negroni.

The Established Law Firm X Okiem X Manhattan

Has your firm had a long year learning to work remotely, in and out of the office? Treat the team to an equally relaxing and moving performance from Okiem, a classical and contemporary pianist who brings real tears to our eyes, and a strong but sippable Manhattan. 

The Creative-Genius Agency X MAVICA X Jungle Bird

The best and most sought after creative agencies always have the most creative in-office perks. How do you treat your employees in a work from home environment? Book a private virtual concert with MAVICA, a rising artist from Spain who captured audience attention after her stunning performance in the Sofar listening room last summer. Pro-tip: pair with a subtle, yet spicy Jungle Bird cocktail for hints of the vacation everyone’s craving.

The Gentle Giant X Kate Yeager X Old Fashioned

Do you lead a big company that’s struggling to connect remotely with its many employees? Private virtual shows are a fantastic tool for getting people together, engaged, and out of their conversational comfort zones. No one gets an audience’s attention like multi-time Sofar veteran, Kate Yeager and a strong Old Fashioned. 

The Rapidly Growing Business X Thunderstorm Artis X Spicy Margarita

Is your company growing so fast you barely have time to learn the names of new hires, let alone treat everyone to some company bonding? First, congratulations! Second, sounds like you’re ready to stop and smell the roses, treat your team members, and enjoy some quality time with your coworkers and a talented artist. We recommend the thrilling vocals and magnetic energy of Thunderstorm Artis, paired with a spicy margarita.

The Inspiring Non-Profit X Oh He Dead X Paloma

Oftentimes, non-profit work is as hard as it is rewarding. If that’s the case for your company, it may be time to treat your team to the exhilarating and emotional sounds of Oh He Dead in a private virtual concert. Throw in a refreshing Paloma, and you’re guaranteed to have a good time.

Ready to book a private virtual concert? Learn more on our landing page and talk to a team member today! And in the meantime, check out this video to learn more about what private virtual concerts are all about.