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The Ultimate Guide to Private Live Music Virtual Team Events

The Ultimate Guide to Private Live Music Virtual Team Events
Private ConcertsNovember 6, 2020

Running out of ideas to keep your remote teams engaged? Happy hour just isn’t what it used to be. We’ve got you covered (and then some) with our private live music virtual events!

Although COVID-19 continues to affect the way we work and live, our team at Sofar Sounds has crafted a unique way to do what we’ve always done best: bring people together to enjoy live music in a memorable way.

How do private virtual concerts work?

This isn't your average virtual event. Our MC creates the atmosphere and uses engaging questions to keep your guests connected; two artists, hand-curated for you, play short sets and share their stories, and our production team supports behind the scenes during the whole show to ensure that the show is seamless and the quality is top-notch.

This means you get all the control and personalization of putting on a private concert, but none of the stress involved in booking, planning, production, and hosting the show yourself. Tap into our 10+ years of expertise with intimate concerts across the globe, we got you.

“Sofar covering all technical nuances and booking was a main reason why we purchased an event.”

Why is live music a great option for virtual team events?

There are plenty of benefits to private live online concerts. Not only does it allow you to bring your team members together safely, but it’s also a great chance to hear a curated lineup and interact with those artists in a way that was difficult even before COVID. All on your budget and from the comfort of your home.

“Hosting a private, virtual Sofar Sounds concert was easily the most exciting and unique [virtual experience to engage employees and partners]. From beginning to end, the experience was top-notch.”

What options are there to customize the experience?

Whether you want a mellow evening with some local songwriters or a more upbeat and lively night with artists from around the world, each event can be catered specifically to your wants. We’ve heard things such as “we need a family-friendly tone” or “we are launching DEI initiatives, so we want that to be a theme” or “we’re hoping for European artists.” We’ll work with you to set the vibe and program the event to best suit your team. 

Feel free to share important details — like if it’s a team member’s birthday or work anniversary — that would be a fun surprise for the MC to shout out or the artist to incorporate within their set.

Are virtual concerts here to stay?

Unfortunately, there’s no denying that COVID is here for a while longer. The music industry is just one sector that has been hit hard by the pandemic, but private virtual concerts are one of the best solutions to keep the music alive, provide opportunities for artists, and bring people together along the way!

Find out more about our private virtual concerts and connect with our team to plan your next team event with us!