Pride Shows To Watch in Celebration Of Coming Out Day

Pride Shows To Watch in Celebration Of Coming Out Day
Video Round-upOctober 8, 2020

In honor of National Coming Out Day this Sunday, we’re taking a sweet look back at some of our favorite shows from LGBTQ+ artists around the world. Browse the shows, stay a while, and join us in celebrating the LGBTQ+ community on October 11th!

Knyves Escobar - LIVE | Sofar Washington DC

This livestream has it all — slow R&B jams, killer vocals, and lots of good vibes.

VINCINT - Remember Me | Sofar Los Angeles

Watch this sweet LA show to see why this artist is called a “legend in the making.”

Miette Hope - Got It Right | Sofar NYC

This high-energy show from NYC always gets us dancing. Check out the show and meet this singer-songwriter whose vocals are drenched in R&B goodness. 

Mother Nature - Get High | Sofar Chicago

The Chicago-based duo have built a reputation on talent and authenticity. Watch this passionate Chicago show to see what we mean. 

Devours - Garnet Graves | Sofar Vancouver

Punk meets electronic meets Britney Spears inspired pop? We don’t have all the words to describe this show, we just know we love it. 

Allison Weiss - Who We Are | Sofar Omaha

This artist’s sound is self-described as "sad songs for fun times,” and we are so into it. Step into their feel-good show from Sofar Omaha.


Thair - Thotty Dysmorphia | Sofar Chicago

You’ll be singing along to this dance-able show by the end of the song. Don’t even try to resist it. 

Turn up the volume, bring on the joy, and join us in celebrating the LGBTQ+ community with artists from around the world!

Header image is Devours performing in Vancouver.

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