Powerful Music Moments from the Past Month

Powerful Music Moments from the Past Month
Video Round-upJune 26, 2020

The past month has been full of powerful, historic moments as millions have protested for and stood by the truth that Black Lives Matter. We’ve watched in awe as music has brought meaning, inspiration and joy to the world when we need it most. People across the globe have demonstrated the power of using our voices and our music to inspire change, and they’ve done it with creativity, resistance, and joy. We’re watching these videos on repeat and holding on tight to the idea that music brings people together.

Pianist Jon Batiste has been marching in New York City for the past three weeks, and leading musicians through hymns and songs like “We Shall Overcome” and “Down by the Riverside.”

A hard-core band performed for protestors from the beds of trucks in LA.

Crowds in Washington DC sang Bill Withers’, “Lean on Me”.

Thousands of protestors in New York City sang “Happy Birthday” on what should have been Breonna Taylor’s 27th birthday.

Chicago native Wyatt Waddell created his own choir on a track raising a sound that updates the sound of the Freedom Singers for the 21st century.

Malik Dope, TOB, and Suttle Thoughts attended and performed at a rally in Washington, DC.

Crys Matthews wrote and performed "How Many More", where she softly sings the names of over 70 black people killed by police.

12-year-old Keedrom Bryant sang a powerful (and now viral) song about living as a young black man.

16-year-old Chloe Nixon wrote and performed, “I Can’t Breathe” in honor of George Floyd.

Tik Toker @Rynnstar created a systemic racism acapella jingle (yes, you read that right).

In the Sofar listening room, Joy Olakudon shared her thoughts and songs with beauty and grace.

A massive crowd of protestors in Oakland danced the electric slide together. And another crowd in New Jersey did the Cupid Shuffle.

We’ve spent time listening to our community and beginning to address the ways in which we at Sofar Sounds can be a more positive force for racial equality and equity.

Header image is of A Peaceful Protest March with Music, June 2020 (Taylor Hill/Getty Images)