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Just In: City Leaders’ Latest Artist Picks from Sofars Around the World

Just In: City Leaders’ Latest Artist Picks from Sofars Around the World
PlaylistsFebruary 6, 2019

Overwhelmed by the number of music choices out there? Let us do the hard work for you! The Sofar squad from around the world has compiled their top artist picks from December and January’s shows for you.

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City Leaders Share Why This Artist Stood Out:

Mayyadda completely captured the attendee's attention. Not only is she an incredible performer with a powerful voice and message, she wowed us with her passion and had us wanting to sing along!” - Nicole, Sofar Minneapolis

"Press play if you want to hear a bunch of boys in their early 20s that could have rocked everyone's butts right off in the ‘80s! Vita Set grew up worshipping many of the greatest indie bands in La Plata, and when they formed their own group they combined the sound of the ‘80s (the reminiscence of Soda Stereo is instantaneous) with more contemporary sounds and rhythms. 'La Edad de Oro' is the song that gave their first album its name, and its video from Sofar is almost done, so make sure you check it out in a couple of weeks!" - Pablo, Sofar La Plata

Wolf & Moon were so talented, yet so humble. The audience asked for an encore and just couldn't stop cheering! After the gig, we kept talking about Stefanie's incredible voice and their energy on stage. Definitely two to watch!” - Elena, Sofar Manchester

“Thurein and SUNRISE 18 has been a stable of the indie scene in Myanmar for years. We love his ode to Yangon, with its upbeat sound and catchy hook.” - Lasse, Sofar Yangon

"himnas (meaning 'anthems' in Latvian) set the room to still with their humble presence and beautiful acoustic sounds. Sonically resembling the likes of Damien Rice and Bon Iver's early works, they have managed to craft their own unique sound with poetic lyrics and stories, which landed them a nomination for the local Austra prize (Latvia's equivalent to the Mercury Prize) with their debut album Manuskripts (Manuscript). It was great having them at Sofar Riga, as they rarely play live. Definitely worth a listen, especially on wintry days like this." - Kristaps, Sofar Riga

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