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On the Road with BAILEN: Behind the Scenes of a Sofar Tour

On the Road with BAILEN: Behind the Scenes of a Sofar Tour
Tour TalesFebruary 27, 2019

Last fall, Sofar sent family band and rising act BAILEN on a 15-stop tour in 12 cities across the East Coast and Midwest of the U.S. We captured video along the way to experience the tour along with them. Hit the road with Sofar and BAILEN:

The band is made up of twin brothers Daniel and David and their younger sister Julia, all born and raised in New York City. Their vocal harmonies, strong songwriting and engaging stage presence have led them to previously tour as a support act for Amos Lee, Joseph, Oh Wonder and more. Unusual for an act these days, they only just released their first single “I Was Wrong” online after playing live shows extensively, and their debut album, Thrilled to Be Here, drops in April.

Go behind the scenes with their Sofar tour diary:

Their favorite acts they discovered on the Sofar tour:
There were so many! Some stand out acts we had the pleasure of playing with were: Elizabeth Moen, Erin Lunsford, All The Rest, Storyteller, Chanese Elifé

Most unique venue they played:
We played in a butterfly sanctuary in Philly. Inside a warehouse building was this oasis of plants, waterfalls and butterflies everywhere. Afterwards, the owner showed us his rare insect collection, which was pretty awesome.

Most memorable moment on tour:
In Richmond, we played our set through the peak of Hurricane Florence. Lights were flickering and trees were falling, but that just added to vibe.

Toto, you’re not in New York City anymore:
We were staying with friends in Greensboro. We arrived at 8 p.m., and no lights were on in the whole neighborhood. We all said, “Wow they go to bed really early here!” Turns out no one in Greensboro had power. We had dinner by candlelight that night.

BAILEN at Sofar Richmond

Cities they enjoyed exploring the most:
Most of the dates were a pretty quick in-and-out situation, but we did have some time to explore in Chicago. We walked all around the city and had a blast. The Chicago Botanic Gardens were definitely the highlight.
We also had time to go to the civil rights museum in Greensboro that was built at the sight of the Woolworth sit-ins.

How they used the tour to connect with new fans:
Since we didn’t have any music online until last month, the only way for people to discover us before was by seeing us in person. Sofar is a great way to play for new people who are actively seeking new music.  Discovering us in person makes for a far more memorable experience then say, scrolling through playlists on Spotify.

Favorite local food they tried:
Philly cheesesteak!

Dream tour stop in the future:
We will literally play anywhere!

BAILEN performing at Sofar Raleigh

Listen to BAILEN's single “I Was Wrong” now on Spotify or Apple Music, and pre-order their debut album Thrilled to Be Here. Even better? Catch them live across the U.S. or Vancouver on their upcoming tour!