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On Fire Videos 🔥

On Fire Videos 🔥
March 8, 2021

Looking for some new music in your life? Missing the thrill of seeing an artist in an intimate setting? We feel you. Luckily, we have hundreds of videos of past performances from independent artists around the world waiting for you on our YouTube channel. Check out some On Fire Videos from in-real-life shows of Sofar’s past.

Alxndr London - Talking Drum | Sofar NYC

This artist’s work is all about the recreation of the self. Employing the use of allegory to weave commentary on society and culture into his work, he uses a unique and momentous sound to tell breathtaking stories.

Marek Niedzielski - Nie o mnie | Sofar Wroclaw

This musician and singer-songwriter brings raw, emotional lyrics to life with unique indie flare.

Samiere - PRSPCTV | Sofar Los Angeles

An American pop artist, singer-songwriter, and record producer from San Francisco, Saimiere is inspired by artists like Sade and Michael Jackson. Her bold style is not one you’ll forget anytime soon. Check it out!

ALALÁ - Hizotra | Sofar Toulouse

This group boasts an "afro-folk" sound with vocal harmonies and stunning guitar and percussion orchestration. Their magnetic sound will have you hooked!

Sebastian Schub - Paradise | Sofar London

One of London’s most up-and-coming artists, Sebastian Schub has made a name for himself with a contemporary take on Irish folk music. 

The Brook and The Bluff - Halfway Up | Sofar Birmingham, AL

Birmingham-born and Nashville-based, The Brook & The Bluff has quickly become recognized by its evocative blend of vocal harmony, soulful air and groovitational pull.

Junomoon - Matador | Sofar Swindon

Junomoon is a Gloucestershire-based band showcasing a blend of nostalgic 80’s synthesizer driven pop, intricate harmonies, and modernized indie.

Otis Mensah | Sofar Sheffield | Seen & Heard

Otis Mensah is a writer and performing artist with an alternative take on Hip-Hop music and abstract poetry.

Rafael Pollo Brito - Anhelante Y Llorarás | Sofar London

This Venezuelan singer-songwriter blew us away at this London show. Listen for masterful Afro-Venezuelan folk rhythms and catchy pop melodies.

Mery Spolsky - Miło Było Pana Poznać | Sofar Warsaw

A self-styled pop artist with a three-dimensional style that spans from the color of her clothes to the hum of her instruments. 

Rupatrupa - A Susurros Suaves | Sofar Gran Canaria

Since his musical talents were born in street performances, Rupatrupa has taken reggae and rumba beats to new heights.

Find more incredible performances on our YouTube channel and happening live in the Sofar listening room.