On Fire Videos 🔥

On Fire Videos 🔥
January 13, 2021

Looking for some new artists to add to the rotation? Meet the independent artists whose on-fire performances are making waves around the world. And, if you like what you hear, you can book any of these artists for a Private Virtual Concert for your community, company, or team!


KYAN - Wire On The Fences | Sofar London

Raw instrumentation, orchestral outros, and all the charisma. Kyan is an artist to be remembered. Watch his London performance to see for yourself!

Oh He Dead - Do You Ever Wonder? | Sofar Washington, D.C

In need of an indie soul show to serenade your day? (Same.) Let Oh He Dead’s stunning vocals and catchy melodies brighten your week and your mood.

OKIEM - LIVE | Sofar London

OKIEM is a composer who uses piano, orchestral instruments and synthesizers to make his signature cinematic and classical sound. Watch his listening room show to see why we get goosebumps every time we hear him play.

Yasmin Williams - I Wonder | Sofar Washington, DC

An acoustic fingerstyle guitarist who uses a combination of fingerstyle and lap-tapping guitar techniques, Yasmin’s sound both calms and stuns us with every performance.

Rodrigo Alarcon - Apesar de Querer | Sofar Goiânia

His sound is as big as his mustache. This Brazilian artist never fails to enchant his audience with smooth guitar and silky vocals.

Dan Mulqueen - Real Life | Sofar NYC

Dan's music features the “handpan”, an impressive instrument that creates a melody and rhythm simultaneously.

The Bergamot - LIVE | Sofar Phoenix

An indie folk-rock band from Brooklyn — this group boasts sweet melodies and resonating rhythms that are sure to win you over. 

RUBBER - Control | Sofar Philadelphia

Tapping into the universal feel-good emotions of pop, Rubber is a combination of R&B, funk, and jazz. 

Helado Infinito - LIVE | Sofar Bratislava

An alternative-pop duo mixing pop with folk, hip-hop and electronic music. Their songs combine gentle melodies with danceable beats and lots of style.

Check out more amazing performances happening every weekday at 3 PM EST in the Sofar listening room.