On Fire Videos🔥: February Edition

On Fire Videos🔥: February Edition
ArtistsFebruary 10, 2020

Whether you’re in search of new artists to add to your rotation this month, or just looking for a quick escape from your desk today (guilty as charged), we’ve compiled some thrilling and inspiring videos from our latest Sofar shows just for you. Take a look, browse around, and keep your eye out for more amazing shows from these impressive artists.

Slaves - “I Fall Apart” (Post Malone Cover) | Sofar Chicago

American rock band with killer Post Malone covers? Slaves has the versatility and talent to keep us hooked and guessing what they’ll do next. Check out their performance of “I Fall Apart” at the Bookspan Theatre in Chicago last year.

Creams - “Run” | Sofar Tblisi

Natia Chichinadze (aka Creams) is a Georgian electronic artist who’s been writing songs since she was 14, or as she describes it, “transforming life into waveforms.” Her haunting performance in Tblisi has us eagerly awaiting whatever she creates next (when she’s not working four jobs to fund her music career — talk about a hustle!).

Sonsoleil - “Dos Mirandas” | Sofar Amsterdam

This trio has a little bit of French songwriting, a little bit of a Argentinian guitar, a little bit of jazz, and a lot to remember. They blew us away on a rooftop in Amsterdam last summer, and we can’t wait until we get to see them again.

Lisa Canny - “Run Back To You” | Sofar London

This Irish singer-songwriter has toured the world with her enchanting lyrics and inspiring vocals. With countless accolades and stunning shows behind her, we can promise this impressive performance won’t be the last you see of Lisa Canny.

Ofelia - “Dawno” | Sofar Warsaw

We’re still swooning over this moving performance from Ofelia in Sofar Warsaw. Her incredible vocals are stacked with ‘70s vibes that give us that driving-highway-101-with-the-top-down feeling we didn’t know we needed.

Moneka Arabic Jazz - "Tathini" | Sofar Toronto

After growing up in Baghdad, Iraq, Ahmed Moneka decided to bring his Arabic heritage to life with brilliant jazz melodies to form the six-piece band, Moneka Arabic Jazz. Their performance in Toronto was a small glimpse of the range and emotion this band gives to everything they do. Check them out!

María Peláe - “La Niña” | Sofar Madrid

This Spanish pop star brings brilliant lyrics to life with inventive rap and a foundation of flamenco rhythm. It was love at first listen for us in Madrid, and we know you’ll feel the same about this rising star.

Dhruv Visvanath - “Write” | Sofar Delhi NCR

Indian singer-songwriter Dhruv Visvanath continues to dazzle us with soft melodies and rich storytelling lyricism. With a cult following and and his thumb on the evolving indie-folk genre, this artist is going places and we’re ready to cheer him on along the way.

Yoke Lore - “Body Parts” | Sofar Toronto

Adrian Galvin (aka Yoke Lore) has created quite the name for himself with his talent for layering banjo, percussion, and pop melodies together seamlessly. He’s gained recognition from record labels, had his songs licensed for Netflix and MTV, and most importantly, has kept making impressive music that pushes the boundaries of the Indie Pop world.

Apply to a Sofar show near you today for the chance to see a goosebumps-worthy performance like these up close and personal. And stay tuned for more On Fire Videos from around the world!

Header Image of Lisa Canny by Austeja Gudziunaite

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