Now Playing: Sofar’s Top Artists from Around the World in October

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Every night, we’re putting on intimate shows featuring the best up-and-coming artists around the world in 400+ cities. Clearly, we can’t attend all of these shows, so we asked our city leaders to pick the artist that stood out to them the most in October for our Now Playing playlist. Follow Sofar Sounds on Spotify to stay updated on our latest choices, along with City Spotlights, Staff Picks and more.

What made this artist stand out?

“As City Leader, I feel an insane amount of responsibility to have our Sofar editions run the best as possible. You can imagine the kind of stress that can sometimes cause. Usually, when the artists are playing their music, I am standing behind the audience, pacing around nervously. But not when Didirri was playing. The music was so, so good and captivating. I sat down next to my girlfriend and cuddled up next to her. It was as if Didirri saw that, because he introduced his next song with the following sentence: ‘Recognize happiness when you have it.’ I pinched my girlfriend, she looked at me and and she smiled from ear to ear.” - Beau, Sofar Breda

Ivy Sole played our Girl Power show this month.  She’s an incredible rapper and spoken word artist from Philly that I’ve been chasing down for months to have play. It almost didn’t happen since she’d never played a stripped down show before, but it was one of my all time favorite Sofar performances we’ve had. Taking the music into an unconventional route can be scary, but it really blew everyone away.” - Carolyn, Sofar Philadelphia

“During Chelsea Shag’s 5 song set she rapped, scatted, shredded her guitar and all around had fun, even dancing backup for the performer before her. She loved every moment of the show, and it was hard not to love it with her!  She by far one of most memorable Sofar performers." - Brittany, Sofar Atlanta

"Faroul had already played in Leipzig before, but for playing in Nuremberg. they came with a more stripped-down show. I knew our audience would love them, but I also found myself deeply engaged with them. The passion these guys have is absolutely amazing. You can see it in their eyes (mostly closed while playing), their smiles and the way they communicate with each other while performing. They are not only great musicians, but also very nice people and you could feel only good vibes in the room. They closed our concert and left me speechless! I do the MCing as well, and it took me some minutes to find what to add after that performance." - Luciana, Sofar Nuremberg

You could experience next month’s picks in person! Check out a Sofar show in your area.

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