Now Playing: Sofar City Leaders’ Top Artists From August’s Shows

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We hosted hundreds of artists in intimate spaces around the world last month. Wonder who stuck out most to us? Each month, we compile our city leaders’ favorites in a Spotify playlist. Make sure you hit “follow” to keep updated!

What made this artist your top pick of the month?

“We picked Social House’s ‘Magic in the Hamptons’ because it’s one of those songs that has the ability to completely change your entire mood and make you feel amazing. It’s the feel good song of the summer, full of energy and has been on repeat since I first heard it! When Social House came to perform at our show, they got the entire audience on their feet! Their energy put everyone in a great mood. It was the perfect finale to an incredible show.” - Craig, Sofar Long Island

"It was great being able to showcase Briston this month as he's actually a Knoxville native—his family was even able to attend the show!  Everyone I've talked to since has said that this song has been playing in their heads on repeat. It's so catchy! Every opportunity that I'm alone in my car, I'm no doubt belting this one as loud as I can." - Kayln, Sofar Knoxville

“Coming directly from Boston in America, Cliff Notez offered us such a bold performance by interpreting all his brilliant hip-hop songs a cappella, which he had never done before. He did it with such generosity and vulnerability. Cliff even succeeded to get the whole crowd singing along with some of his songs/stories about racism and identity, which was a pretty strong moment during the whole evening. He’ll be back in the UK for a bigger tour with his band for his first album When The Sidewalk Ends. Look out for him if you’re curious about what’s new in the political/conscious hip-hop music movement.” - Anne-Claire, Sofar Bristol

"We hosted Sophia Ammann from Little Dots on a Saturday afternoon of late August. Her sweet voice fit perfectly with the melancholia of the end of monsoon season, inviting us to follow her and dive into her musical world. We picked her song "Mother Colour" because it's a recently released single that anticipates the upcoming album Do You Know How We Got Here, and we want to wish her all the best with it!" - Marta, Sofar Kathmandu

“The first time I heard Son Mieux songs, Camiel played them on his own. You could immediately tell that the songs are his own stories he is telling and that they come straight from the heart. After that performance, he formed a band around him and now plays the songs in full band settings. The stories have become catchy and joyful indie-pop songs. Son Mieux is currently well known in The Netherlands and I'm sure their music will steal hearts all over the world soon.” - Ewa, Sofar The Hague

Want to discover next month’s selections in person? Check out a show in your city!

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