Just Updated! Sofar’s Now Playing Playlist with Latest Artist Picks

Just Updated! Sofar’s Now Playing Playlist with Latest Artist Picks
PlaylistsMarch 9, 2020

Couldn’t make it to all 500 shows we hosted last month? Neither could we! That’s why we asked our city leaders around the world for the artist that stood out most to them at their February shows. Grab your headphones and press play on our Now Playing Spotify playlist. Hit “Follow” to stay updated each month with the latest picks.

What did you love about this artist?

"Miles Horn's poignant vocals and heartfelt delivery captivated the audience, who all joined in for the chorus of 'Floating In Space' — it's an exquisite song which makes you think of everything on a grander scale and puts life into perspective." - Sarah, Sofar Frome

"Don't be fooled by this Sydney based outfit! Brekky Boy disturbs the conventions. This piano-driven trio took us on an emotional instrumental journey, and we wish we could stay there forever. The audience was blown away by their soulful and jazzy melodies. Who needs lyrics when you feel the music of Brekky Boy?!" - Maeva, Sofar Sydney

"Ess Bogale immediately captivated us with her calm and warm demeanor, her honesty and her velvety voice. Somehow, despite addressing 80+ people at the gig, there is an intimacy in her way of singing that gives the impression of being right next to your ear." - Maja, Sofar Malmö

"Marcus Jade took us all by surprise. Originally from Indy, Marcus now spends most of his time around NYC. As a matter of fact, four hours before his Indy performance for one of our February Black History Month shows, Marcus was wrapping up a recording session in New York. He then hopped on a plane to come play for our very excited crowd! Marcus takes the sound of classic Southern blues and melds it with the heart of Midwest singer-songwriters. We all can't wait to see how far his talent takes him!" - Jeff, Sofar Indianapolis

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