Just Updated! Sofar’s Now Playing Playlist with Latest Artist Picks

Just Updated! Sofar’s Now Playing Playlist with Latest Artist Picks
PlaylistsFebruary 13, 2020

Couldn’t make it to all 500 shows we hosted last month? Neither could we! That’s why we asked our city leaders around the world for the artist that stood out most to them at their January shows. Grab your headphones and press play on our Now Playing Spotify playlist. Hit “Follow” to stay updated each month with the latest picks.

What did you love about this artist?

Robert John David is an up-and-comer in the Gothenburg music scene. He performed at our Sofar with his full band stripped down, which was a huge treat for our audience. His witty banter and brilliant songwriting throughly entertained us.” - Austin, Sofar Gothenburg

Tae's voice and live presence are unbelievable. Milwaukee Sofar is lucky to have had her perform twice for us now. Her new record is so great and deserves to be heard by everyone in the Sofar network!” - Justin, Sofar Milwaukee

“Knowing Mosa Wild's reputation, I was pretty excited - but WOW, they managed to exceed all expectations! Mosa Wild play music that is soul soothing, sexy and sublime. These lads are natural performers, you can get lost in their music and at times it can feel like they've made it just for you. Their music is overwhelmingly beautiful in a world that seems increasingly harder to find peace in.” - Esther, Sofar Bristol

“With jazzy chord changes and bouncy rhythms, the only thing smoother than Kubla's instrumentals is his sweet as honey vocals. Changes talks about the point in every relationship where you wonder if you're the same person you used to be and what that means. Hearing the entire audience singing the final refrain together is always a highlight of Kubla's Sofar performances. SMOOTH LIKE BUTTAH.” – Conor, Sofar Toronto

"Moonsoup has a witty and relatable lyricism that is encapsulated by "I Don't Like Rocket Unless It's in Small Portions". The interplaying guitar and bass fill out this captivating tune, and the reverb in the room at our show made the vocals sound otherworldly." - Matthew, Sofar Glasgow

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