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Each Sofar is a chance to discover your next favorite artist! We experienced thousands of unique performances in May around the world. Our City Leaders pick their standouts – take a listen on Spotify! Make sure you hit “follow” to stay up to date on our up-and-coming faves each month.

Hey City Leaders, tell us more about your choice!

“Seeing Musa Híbrida perform is a very powerful experience – it was one of the most mesmerizing performances we've had at a Sofar in Porto Alegre! They take the audience to a different orbit with their electric guitars, synths and lyrics. There are so many layers and textures in their music... and we love it!” - Carolina, Sofar Porto Alegre

“‘Hands’ continues Rayssa Dynta’s dreamy electronic-pop sounds as well as providing a radio ready hook. Beginning with Dynta’s airy vocals and a pulsating drum beat makes it a clean electronic-pop production that sounds pure and honest. It’s a really beautiful song that radiates this euphoria which had us begging for her to sing more.” – Rasti, Sofar Jakarta

"Ryan (The Dead Tongues) has quickly become one of my favorite artists over the last couple years. He creates beautiful songs and seems to drift through life with such an authentic connection to the natural world. It was an honor to host The Dead Tongues and it was very pleasing to see how well Ryan captivated the audience, like I knew he would." - Jason, Sofar Raleigh/Durham

Runson Willis III is the embodiment of positivity, human connection, and pure vintage soul. His music is here to change the world and bring light to the dark corners of our emotional minds. Supporting an artist like him in our community allows him to continue his work as a vessel for genuine change.” - Benjamin, Sofar LA

"Do you know that feeling of spring coming but missing everything that winter taught you? That's Suerte Campeón, a breath to the everyday hero, the one that sometimes we don't realize we are." - Diana, Sofar Lima

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