Now Playing: City Leaders’ Favorite Artists from March Sofars

Every month we feature thousands of performers across 350+ cities around the world! All of our artists bring something new to Sofar, but who stood out the most to our City Leaders? Press play on the Sofar “Now Playing” playlist, and make sure you hit “Follow” to hear the latest picks each month.

Our City Leaders share why these artists made an impression:

“It was such a great honour to have Rainbow Kitten Surprise play their first ever performance outside of the US at a Sofar with the incredible London skyline as a backdrop. I chose this particular song as it was so humbling to hear Sam introducing the process of writing 'Hide' as the moment he accepted and celebrated his love for other men. Their performance was just perfect, and brought everyone in the room together with a mutual feeling that we were witnessing something rather special.” - Adam, Sofar London

Duratierra has a musical energy that goes beyond the dividing line between folklore and rock. With their feet and hearts in Latin America they gather all their heroes like Yupanqui, Nicomédes Santa Cruz, Led Zeppelin, Lenine mixing Afro-Peruvian and Brazilian music with the traditional, the contemporary, the folklore, the funk and the rock. With Duratierra arrive ‘new songs full of old songs.’” - Hernan, Sofar Buenos Aires

“That HanHan makes killer hiphop about the immigrant experience would be enough to justify this tune being on the list. But there's much more going on. She's a focal point and inspiration for the local vibrant Filipino arts community: rapping in two Filipino languages; working with dancers from the Hataw collective who combine traditional and contemporary movement and musicians from local kulintang (gong)-meets-beats outfit Datu; and more. She's doing good work by sending proceeds from record sales to carry on Indigenous cultural teachings back home, and, most importantly, when she's not doing all that, she's literally saving lives. Her day job: nurse in a cardiac surgery unit.” - Jon, Sofar Toronto

“I chose The Talbott Brothers after being in awe of their Sofar Sounds PDX performance. They were the nicest guys, incredible storytellers and had the whole room drawn to their music. As a result, my Spotify has been flooded with their album on repeat since then.” - Ghada, Sofar Portland

"Katie Toupin captured our audience with her charm and beautiful voice. Her presence made everyone smile, and her songs made me reminisce on warm summer nights." - Grace, Sofar NYC

"Vaarwell's 'Stay' is so sweet and so fresh at the same time. A must-have in your life soundtrack." - Inês, Sofar Porto

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