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Meet Our Private Virtual Concert MCs

Meet Our Private Virtual Concert MCs
People of SofarApril 1, 2021

Private virtual concerts are the new, safe, and exciting way to bring remote teams and communities together over intimate live performances from independent artists around the world. Our production team runs the show; two artists, curated for your company vibe, perform live; and one of our talented MCs makes the whole thing run smoothly and seamlessly. Interested in booking a show? Get to know the MCs — Josh, Christen, and Vishwas — who will guide your experience and bring a riveting concert atmosphere to your living room.

Christen performing at a Sofar show in Baltimore.

How long have you been with Sofar?

Josh: I have been part of the Sofar family for just under 4 years — I first started off as a volunteer and would MC at our discovery shows in London. I joined the team full time around 2 and half years ago and it’s been one crazy, amazing ride!

Christen: I have been with Sofar for 5 years.

Vishwas: I’ve been at Sofar since November 2017, so about 3.5 years! Unreal. Feels like yesterday sometimes.

What’s your role (outside of being an all-star MC)?

J: I am the U.K Host Operations Manager which effectively means I look after all of the spaces in which we operate our shows in the U.K — this could be anything from a library, to a museum to an underground disused toilet!

C: I started out as a City Leader for Sofar Baltimore then transitioned to City Director and became a part of the Artist Community Management team. I am now the Content & Artist Programming Manager and I also plan and host our monthly webinar series, In Session, alongside some incredible humans!

V: I am the Host Operations Manager for the Eastern Region, from Toronto down to Miami.

Vishwas MCing a Sofar show in NYC.

What’s a song you’re obsessed with lately?

J: Be Around Me” -  Will Joseph Cook ft chloe moriondo — I’ve been such a huge fan of WJC for the last few years - he just writes great pop songs! This song is such an uplifting happy tune and works fantastically as a duet with chloe moriondo. 

C: Honestly, I’ve been vibing out to a song called “Black Bird” by Like Water.

V: “Fake Love” by Drake. After a brutal year, and even harder winter, it reminds me to be there for myself and my mental/physical health first and foremost. We can get so caught up in being there for others that we tend to slip internally.

Best concert you’ve ever been to?

J: Justin Timberlake’s 20/20 experience at the O2 — JT is the O.G performer and ”Justified” was the first album I owned as a kid!

C: Hands down, Alice Smith at the 930 Club in DC back in November of 2019. It was incredible!

V: This is incredibly tough. Let’s go with a 4-way tie: waiting nearly 8 hours for front row to see Eminem at Lollapalooza, Radiohead on their King of Limbs tour, back to back nights of Kanye’s Life of Pablo tour, and Drake at TD Garden in 2018 when he brought out Meek Mill to squash the beef once and for all.

Josh MCing a Sofar show in London.

Name your go-to beverage of choice.

J: Kraken Spiced Dark Rum & Coke is the go-to.

C: That’s a tough one. I’m quite moody when it comes to beverages. It could be a lemon water and peppermint tea kind of day or coconut water and a nice Mezcal cocktail made with lots of love kind of day. It depends on how I’m feeling and what I’m up to.

V: Seltzer. It tastes like TV static and I absolutely love it with every molecule in my body. I buy it by the case like I traffic in high-end wine. Team Vintage Seltzer forever.

Who is your favorite artist you’ve discovered through Sofar? (Feel free to name a few!)

J: SO MANY! Zach Said, Johnny Stimson, Sebastian Schub, Maximillian, China Bears, and Juice to name a few!

C: So many! Kokoroko, Netta, Olivia Dean, and Paula & The Associates.

V: Another incredibly tough question. I’ve been fortunate enough to connect with so many incredible artists through Sofar it’s hard to distill a list of favorites. Some highlights are Jake Wesley Rogers, Raina Sokolov-Gonzalez, Savon Bartley, Kate Yeager, ShySpeaks, Deal Casino/Joe P, Randy Mason, City of the Sun, Moon Kissed, Siana Altise...okay this could go on forever. That’s just the beginning of a list so I’ll just say hit the Sofar Spotify Playlist and hear why this was an impossible task.

Can you name a memorable moment from MCing a Private Virtual Concert?

J: Having the opportunity to discover Oston, an LA-based pop artist. She’s incredible and I am tipping her to be huge one day. Watch. This. Space.

C: I feel like every show has a moment that is super special! I love seeing the emojis fill the chat when the viewers are showing love to the artist. My favorite moment would have to be MCing a show for Sylvan Esso! I am a huge fan and it was so much fun turning my camera off and singing all of the songs around my apartment.

V: These shows have been something special in a time of pause in our industry. It’s been such a pleasure getting to know all the artists, see where they are playing from, and interview them. As always, artists will help us out of this mess guide us into redefining and reinstating our relationships with the world. On top of that, seeing people from all over the world tune in for these shows has been incredible--when else could you share a concert across continents? All that said, for me personally as a longtime fan, it was amazing to host our show with Aloe Blacc and get to chat with him about his art and perspective towards life.

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