Living Room to Listening Room: How to Cozy Up Your Space for a Live Stream

Living Room to Listening Room: How to Cozy Up Your Space for a Live Stream
Inside the VenueMarch 31, 2020

Seeing talented artists perform live, intimate sets is an occasion we’ll never take for granted. To kick off Keep Listening, our new online listening room featuring artists around the world, we’ve compiled a list of hacks to help you make the most of every live show (even from your living room). You can find live shows, performance premieres, and artist conversations in the listening room every day, and we’re here to help you make the most of the occasion! 

Browse the list and get your living room ready for the next Keep Listening show, happening soon!

Set the mood

Dim the overhead lighting, plug in the twinkle lights and light the candles. Sometimes all it takes to transform your apartment is a little mood lighting. Pulling some houseplants from other rooms also helps set the mood and refresh your space.

Get cozy

Tapestries, blankets, floor pillows, oh my! You can literally make yourself at home for this Sofar show, so have at it.

Pour yourself something special

Like most Sofar shows, the listening room is BYOB so break out that nice bottle of wine you’ve been saving or the craft cocktail recipe that’s been hiding on your Pinterest board! 

Dress up

Like the rest of the world, we’ve been living in sweatpants since self-isolation started. Putting on a new outfit or fresh makeup is a quick way to turn a livestream into a much-needed “night out”. 

Text your friends

No one says you have to watch the show alone. Text the group chat and get the gang to join you for a virtual night of entertainment. You can even talk and meet new friends using the listening room chat!

Set the stage

Thanks to modern technology, a lot of us have the tools to create an immersive show experience inside our homes. Get creative with projectors, Bluetooth speakers, surround sound and any other gadgets you have lying around. 

TL;DR: Life is short, music is precious, and we’re very grateful to cherish an all-new way to connect with the Sofar community. Tune in to the listening room every day to discover new artists, connect with global audiences, and (virtually) gather around good music.

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