Highlights of the Week: What Happened in the Sofar Listening Room

Highlights of the Week: What Happened in the Sofar Listening Room
Video Round-upSeptember 4, 2020

From Stockholm to Warsaw to NYC, the listening rooms hosts artists from all across the globe. This week, check out the indie-rock hits and groovy production that wowed us in each performance. Discover new artists in the listening room every weekday at 3 PM EST.



Swedish dream-pop trio, ViVii, compares to the likes of Sufjan Stevens, Lana Del Ray and Beach House. They bring magic back to reality.

Lawd Ito


Lawd Ito is a Puerto Rican singer-songwriter, producer, musician, and artist rooted in salsa, hip hop, and R&B.

The Cassino


This Polish artist took their first steps in an old military casino, from which they took their name. They beautifully mix rock with blues, folk, and indie genres, creating a sound and style that’s all their own. Don't miss this performance for a stellar performance and some serious plant goals.

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Header image is of ViVii performing in Stockholm.

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