Highlights of the Week: What Happened in the Sofar Listening Room

Highlights of the Week: What Happened in the Sofar Listening Room
Video Round-upJuly 29, 2020

Jump into some amazing performances from around the world! This past week another round talented Sofar artists took the (virtual) stage to showcase their talents and bring live, intimate shows from their living rooms to yours. Check them out and don't miss our upcoming shows happening every day at 3PM EST in the Sofar listening room!


Los Angeles

With $500 and a dream, this artist dropped out of high school, bought a one-way ticket to LA, and never looked back. Emeryld‘s vocally driven alternative tinged RnB is the perfect soundtrack to blast while riding around the city or for a moody night in. 

Makeda Sunshine


Makeda Sunshine is a South London-based singer, songwriter, and performer with a unique musical style that is grounded in her Rastafarian roots. Her live stream performance was packed with passion, stunning vocals, and groovy melodies.



This performance gives us goosebumps from start to finish. Watch for slow R&B jams with powerful vocals and plenty of soul.

Kingsley Ibeneche


A multidimensional artist influenced by the Soul movement and ritual music’s ancestral power. Check out this performance for moving stage presence, gorgeous vocals, and lots of good vibes.

Reeps One


Reeps One is the product of London's heavy, dark and experimental energy in its most human form. He’s known for obsessively experimenting with innovative vocal practices and his shows always leave us stunned.

Find new music and incredible artists performing every week in the Sofar listening room, where independent artists around the world livestream performances every day at 3pm EST.

Header image is of Emeryld performing from Los Angeles.

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