Highlights of the Week: What Happened in the Sofar Listening Room

Highlights of the Week: What Happened in the Sofar Listening Room
Video Round-upAugust 5, 2020

This week in the Sofar listening room, we hosted some incredible artists from all over the globe. Tune in for soulful ballads, high-energy pop bops, groovy duets, and so much more. Check out the livestreams and don't miss our upcoming shows happening every day at 3PM EST in the Sofar listening room!



A songwriter, visionary, and all-round performer with a distinct voice and the ability to create music that speaks volumes. His musical background boasts a wealth of diverse experiences you won’t want to miss hearing! 10/10 for the music and 12/10 for the gorgeous production.

Mohsin Zaman


Falling under the ambient-folk umbrella, Zaman’s unique vocal and guitar stylings are hauntingly beautiful.



This young artist writes the songs she wishes she had alongside her for the ups and downs of life. Her relatable songs are full of insights and creativity. Soothe your sorrows with her stunning, soft vocals and uplifting lyrics.

Casey Conroy


Casey Conroy came onto the alternative pop sound scene using infectious melodies and lush sounds to tell empowering stories. Her feel-good tunes are sure to put a smile on your face.

Covi Quintana

Santo Domingo

Singer/songwriter from the Dominican Republic known for her hit single “Café de las Ocho” and her incredible voice and melodies.

Helado Infinito


An alternative-pop duo mixing pop with folk, hip-hop and electronic music. Their songs combine gentle melodies with danceable beats and lots of style. Tune in for a good time.

Find new music and incredible artists performing every week in the Sofar listening room, where independent artists around the world livestream performances every day at 3pm EST.

Header image is of IAMTHELIVING from Vancouver.

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