Highlights of the Week: What Happened in the Sofar Listening Room

Highlights of the Week: What Happened in the Sofar Listening Room
Video Round-upAugust 27, 2020

We're excited to bring you another round of amazing performances from the listening room this past week! Meet a Mexican singer-songwriter, an Afro-fusion jazz duo, and many more talented artists. And, don't forget to tune in to see live performances in the listening room every weekday at 3 PM EST.



Afro-fusion with blues, jazz, and funk accents sung in Bwamu Dioula and French. Watch for good energy and even better rhythms.



This artist is a unique master of words whose imagery is guided by his interests including Martial arts, anime, video games and more. Don't miss out on his mesmerizing performance!

Ale Aguirre

Mexico City

A 26-year-old singer-songwriter born and raised in Chihuahua, Mexico, Ale’s soft voice is as beautiful as it is emotional.

Nana M. Rose


This Rotterdam-based singer-songwriter writes beautiful, intimate piano ballads, carried by her incredible, larger-than-life voice.

Find new music and incredible artists performing every week in the Sofar listening room, where independent artists around the world livestream performances every day at 3pm EST.

Header image is of Ale Aguirre performing in Mexico City

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