Keep Listening! Introducing the Sofar Listening Room

Keep Listening! Introducing the Sofar Listening Room
ArtistsApril 13, 2020

Ever since we put shows on pause a few weeks ago, we’ve been searching for the best ways we can support artists during this uncertain time. The Sofar artist community is home to thousands of independent artists around the world who are deeply involved with their local music scenes and rely heavily on income from live performance. Without being able to play shows, these artists are facing an unprecedented time of disruption and uncertainty.

Knowing this, it’s more important than ever to support the artists and acts we love, so we’ve created a space for artists to continue connecting with global audiences. Today, we’re proud to launch (cue drum roll) Keep Listening — an online listening room supporting artists around the world through live shows broadcasted from their living room to yours. 


The thrill of a Sofar show is back! Discover all new music every week and travel across time zones to hear Sofar artists across the globe — all from the comfort of your living room. See the upcoming schedule below and visit the listening room


All shows are free, but you can show your support for artists by donating directly to the live stream performer or to the Sofar Sounds Global Artist Fund, benefiting Sofar artists that rely the most on our shows for live performance income. 


While human contact may be on hold for now, connection is more important than ever. In Sofar’s listening room, you can meet music lovers around the world through our online chat, text your group chat to virtually attend the same show with your friends, and get to know all new artists in your city and across the globe.

Upcoming Live Streams

Visit the listening room

Thursday 6/4
Chartreuse (Birmingham, UK) 3pm ET / 8pm UK

Friday 6/5
Dandara Manoela (Florianópolis) 3pm ET / 8pm UK

Saturday 6/6
Lisa Canny (Dublin) 3pm ET / 8pm UK

Sunday 6/7
Siana Altiise (Atlanta) 3pm ET / 8pm UK

Watch Past Live Streams

American Authors (Los Angeles)
Ayse Deniz (Istanbul)
Ben Cosgrove (Boston)
Bia Ferreira and Doralyce: Preta Leveza (Rio de Janeiro)
Brooke Annibale (Boston)
Calvin Arsenio (San Francisco)
Carnival Youth (Riga)
Chadwick Stokes (Boston)

Ciaran Lavery (London)
Copilot (Boston)
Dan Mulqueen (NYC)
Deal Casino (NYC)
Derek Gripper (Cape Town)
Flyte (London)
Ganda Boys (London)
Grace Savage (London)
Jade Bird (London)
JC Stewart (London)
Jensen McRae (Los Angeles)
Jessame (Los Angeles)
Johari Noelle (Chicago)
Jordan Hawkins (Los Angeles)
Jordan Mackampa (London)
Kate Yeager (NYC)
Kathleen (Boulder)
Katie Kuffel (Seattle)
Kevin Garrett (NYC)
Kyan (London)
Lady Sanity (Birmingham, UK)
Lara Nuh (Lima)
Latinta (Medellin)
Leah Woods (NYC)
Lily Moore (London)
M w S (Pisa)
Madeline Edwards (Houston)
Marta Rosa (Kathmandu)
MAVICA (Murcia)
Miette Hope (NYC)
Nathan Ball (London)
Neffy (NYC)
NEMES (Boston)
Nina Oliveira (São Paulo)
Oh He Dead (Washington, D.C.)
Pastel (London)
Pontea (Los Angeles)
Raina Sokolov-Gonzalez (NYC)
Rodrigo Alarcon (Goiania)
Royce Lovett (Tallahassee)
Samar Mehdi (Bangalore)
Samiere (Los Angeles)
Scarypoolparty (Los Angeles)
Seefour (Boston)
Serena Isioma (Chicago)
Shilo Gold (NYC)
Sister (Portland)
The Bergamot (Arizona)

The Brook & the Bluff (Nashville)
Thunderstorm Artis (Hawaii)
Tonina (St. Louis)
Tuyo (Curitiba)
Will Dailey (Boston)
Yasmin Williams (Washington, D.C.)

Header photo of Bang Bang Romeo by Jane Jimenez

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