Best of the Listening Room | Meet Marie Spaemann

Best of the Listening Room | Meet Marie Spaemann
March 29, 2021

In our Best of the Listening Room series, we’re sharing standout performances that have blown us away. Find the videos on our YouTube channel and learn more about the artists, their work, and their music journey, here on the Sofar blog. This week meet cellist and singer-songwriter, Marie Spaemann, who approaches her music in diverse and surprising ways.

Can you name a moment that you realized how important music is to you? How did that moment shape your transition into a music career?

I grew up in a musical environment and started to play the cello at the age of 7. It felt quite natural to study music later on. I had many interests though and therefore don’t recall this initializing moment. But I did have a very strong experience in the beginning of last year, after taking a break and traveling for six weeks, without my instrument and any music making. It was only when I got back and sat with my cello that I realized how much I had missed this connection to my instrument and I wrote my first ever cello solo piece (not a song with cello accompaniment like I usually do) with this strong feeling of urge. This did change my perception of me as a musician and I was thriving on that experience.

Are there any specific albums that have had a big influence on your music career and style?

I think my influences might have been shaped the most by ‘The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill’, Lianna La Havas' ‘Is your love big enough’ and Fink’s album ‘Perfect Darkness’, as well as mainly late romantic cello literature.

Tell us about your latest album, “Metamorphosis.” What inspired it?

This duo album is inspired by the very different musical genres we both love and have been playing over the last years. At the same time it is about the very specific yet versatile sound we developed on this path together. The lyrics stroll in between an almost naive call to the power of love and rather contemplative reflections on life’s challenges.

How has your music and sound evolved since you first got started?

‘Less is more’ has definitely been a discovery as well as the courage to simplicity and authenticity. But also the realization that all three discoveries need to be discarded in the right moments:)

Dream collaboration and why?

I think working with Jamie Cullum could be a lot of fun, since he is so versatile, can be extremely deep in his writing and understanding of music but isn’t scared of the already mentioned simplicity in pop.

How has your music career changed in the past year since the start of COVID-19?

As probably all musicians I had more time to write and practice. I also got acquainted with the idea of playing more streaming concerts, live recording shows and studio jobs.

How have you been keeping busy throughout quarantine?

Besides the already mentioned above I did a little online course at Stanford University called ‘International women’s health and human rights’, read some interesting books, enjoyed being out in nature and doing more workouts and yoga than usual.

If you could play a Sofar show anywhere in the world tomorrow, where would you want it to be?

I would love to play a Sofar show in Tokyo.

Any projects you’re working on right now?

We are in a nice productive flow with my duo right now and will release a video in a couple of weeks. We are also planning on recording a new single soon. On the side I am working on publishing the sheet music to my solo cello piece. Writing and finishing up new songs is high on my list. I am still working on making room for these creative processes.

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