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How Independent Artists Are Reinventing the Industry

How Independent Artists Are Reinventing the Industry
August 4, 2021

It’s no secret that we love independent artists. They’re at the center of our mission to create space where music matters and are a valued part of the global music industry.

They’re reinventing the wheel by publishing music in new creative formats, and using livestreams and social media tools to connect with their fans. All while staying true to the sounds that first inspired them. Our Amplified Sessions series with Ford highlights artists who embody the Mustang Mach-E attitude — always reinventing, challenging expectations, and creating the ideas of tomorrow. 

Careers like Jake Isaac’s, who performed in the series, showcase community building through interaction online. Isaac, a singer-songwriter and soul artist from the UK, has created a light, airy sound that pairs raw emotion with grounded storytelling. He’s built his career mainly performing in small venues around London and hosting live conversations on Instagram, where he asks fellow artists important questions about creativity, heritage, and inspiration. He’s used the tools of the modern age to strengthen his inherent proclivity for connection, building a fanbase of thousands who are attracted to his authenticity.

Independent artists are also inspiring us by building upon songs of the past to create the next evolution in music. The London-based band, Stone Jets, is bringing a whimsical pop flare to the soulful guitar riffs of rock’s classic sound. Their emotional and honest lyrics have charmed audiences, including those in our Amplified Sessions livestream! The Stone Jets aren’t the only ones charting out a new path between genres, independent artists from all over the world have used the freedom and flexibility of not being signed to their advantage. Names like Odd Soul, Noam Bar, and Palmaria are all artists who showcase the inventive songwriting and musicality that comes with staying true to yourself and inspired by the future.

Our Amplified Sessions have challenged artists to share their most exciting work and bring new life to the past hit, “Superbad,” by James Brown. Just like artists are pushing the industry forward toward innovative new heights and sounds, the Ford Mustang Mach-E is bringing classic looks and values into a more sustainable tomorrow. 

We’re very lucky that today’s music world is blooming with new artists who are pushing past yesterday’s boundaries. Meet more cutting-edge artists performing in our Amplified Sessions series with Ford Mustang. Take a peek at the future of music! (Spoiler alert: it’s looking bright ✨ )