We've updated our COVID-19 safety guidelines to require vaccination and masks at most shows. Learn more.

Hacking Sofar: Guide to the Coziest Concert Ever

Hacking Sofar: Guide to the Coziest Concert Ever
August 27, 2021

Attending your first Sofar soon? A seasoned show veteran? Whether it’s your first show or your fiftieth, we’re here with a little inside scoop on how to make the most of your show experience. Read up on our tried and true tricks and get tickets to a show happening near you!

Get comfy.

You might have noticed we like sitting on the floor. Why, you ask? It makes for a close and cozy atmosphere and puts everyone on the same level to enjoy the performances. No blocked views or claustrophobia. If you’re a little more sensitive to floor seating, we recommend bringing along your own blanket, cushion or low-riding stadium chair to make it easier on the bum. Sofars fill up quick! To snag the best spot, arrive a little early with a Sofar-ready bag that includes all the essentials: blanket, socks, cushions, disposable cameras, etc.


We’re all about supporting our artists, being present and involved in the performances and *shudder* even talking to strangers. This isn’t your average concert! We encourage singing along, snapping fingers and clapping to the beat. We promise: no judgment if you’re off rhythm or out of tune.

Show your support.

Each of the artists performing at your show is a local, independent artist working hard to build their fanbase and get their music out into the world. Show your support by purchasing artist merch, asking when their next show is, and giving each artist a follow on social media. Every little bit counts.

Remember safety first.

In the interest of the safety and peace of mind for everyone in our community, as of September 1st, 2021, we will require proof of vaccination OR a negative COVID-19 test result for all guests, performers and staff in order to attend Sofar shows. 

Ready to put these tips to the test and become a Sofar pro? Check out upcoming live music in your city.