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Hacking Sofar: A How-To Guide for Your Coziest Concert Ever

Hacking Sofar: A How-To Guide for Your Coziest Concert Ever
October 10, 2019

Whether you’re going to your first Sofar or you’re a real Sofar vet, we’re here to give you a little insider info. Here are our tried and true tricks and tips for making the most of your Sofar experience:

Get Comfy

You might have noticed we like sitting on the floor. Why, you ask? It makes for a close and cozy atmosphere and puts everyone on the same level to enjoy the performances. 

  • If you’re a little more sensitive to floor seating, we recommend bringing along your own blanket, cushion or low-riding stadium chair to make it easier on the bum. 
  • Sofars fill up quick! To snag the best spot, arrive a little early. 
  • Pack a Sofar bag that includes all the essentials: blanket, socks, wine/beer opener and if you want to really impress others, an ice pack for keeping drinks cold in a lunchbox.
Spot: snagged | Photo: Paul Warren


Most of our shows are Bring Your Own Beverage (BYOB), but not all of them are – check your email or event page to confirm. If it’s not, support your local businesses by purchasing drinks on site! These tips are for BYOB shows:

  • Don’t forget the bottle opener and cups! A quick way to make friends is to share your corkscrew or extra cups with a neighbor who forgot.
  • Skip the bottle opener altogether and bring wine or beer with twist off caps. 
  • Looking for something non-alcoholic? Kombucha or seltzer in your favorite flavor make a great pairing with Sofar. 
  • Keep your wine and beer chilled with an insulated lunch bag or even a mini cooler. 
  • Protect our planet! Use reusable metal wine glasses with lids instead of disposables.
Sharing is caring! | Photo: Katie Marriner


We’re not too cool for school at Sofar – we’re all about supporting our artists, being present and involved in the performances and *shudder* even talking to strangers.

  • This ain’t your average concert! We encourage singing along, snapping fingers and clapping to the beat. We promise: no judgment if you’re off rhythm or out of tune.
  • Show your support! Buy artist merch, ask when their next full set show is, and give the artists a follow on social media. Every little bit counts to building their fanbase.
  • Bring along your bud, date, co-worker, mom, or even fly solo! Sofars strike the perfect mix of casual and friendly for any social situation.
  • Speaking of, engage with the people around you! Come early, chat up your neighbor in the bathroom line, bring extra snacks or drinks to trade with others. You never know, you might meet your next BFF (or spouse – it’s happened!)
Getting in on the fun | Photo: Ruba Aleryani


Looking to attend a Sofar? Yep, there’s an app for that… Available for US and UK shows:

  • Attend: Exclusive to the app, you can skip the lottery and purchase a ticket right away!
  • Filter: Filter events so you can see what’s best for you by date and neighborhood.
  • Listen and follow: Get easy access to our current Sofar playlist curated by our City Leaders each month and follow the artists you’ve seen and loved.
Skip the wait with the Sofar app | Photo: Shirin Ma


Get even closer to the magic and the Sofar community by becoming a member! Now available in 25 Sofar cities. 

  • Get 50% off all tickets to shows in your home city. 
  • Attend members-only events in your city like happy hours, talks and specially curated Sofars.
  • With global travel service, we’ll help you get on the guest list for shows around the world.
Get to know the Sofar community! We plan special members-only events | Photo: Joel Scott Richard

Ready to put these tips to the test and become a Sofar pro? Check out an upcoming show in your city