This Week in Good Music News

This Week in Good Music News
Good Music NewsSeptember 4, 2020

Summer is ending and we need all of the good news we can get. Check out the good things the music industry has been up to and bring the good vibes with you into the weekend. From dreamy listening room performances to meaningful fundraisers and hilarious Tik Tok challenges, this list is stacked and ready to leave you smiling.

1. Listen to this remastered Prince record for all of the good vibes you need right now.


2. Maybe we can't pronounce the title, but we can tell you this new song from Lala and Baths is beautiful.


3. This live show hosted by ROOM AID with Leon Bridges, Ricky Reed, and more talented artists, was just stunning.

4. We're still recovering from Miley Cyrus's cover of Billie Eilish's, "my future." Watch it and then watch it again and again.

5. Sofar alum, Scarypoolparty, released a new song, "Return2Sender", and we recommend adding it to all of your playlists.

6. We can't stop watching all of the WAP challenge videos on Tik Tok


7. The music industry is calling for support with #redalertrestart to highlight how the pandemic has affected the live events industry.

8. On Saturday night, Sofar is supporting AMAZON ALARM, an initiative in partnership with GREENPEACE to draw attention to the real and current problem in the Amazon.


9. We hosted more amazing artists in the Sofar listening room, including this jungle dream show from The Cassino.

Bring this good music news into your weekend and stay tuned for more good things and great shows happening every weekday at 3pm EST in the Sofar listening room!

Header image is of Miley Cyrus.

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