This Week in Good Music News

This Week in Good Music News
Good Music NewsMay 15, 2020

It sometimes feels like good news is hard to come by these days, making it pretty easy to feel down, out of it, or just in a funk. But according to the Good News Network, music takes 9 minutes to release sadness and 13 minutes to make you happy. So, by the time you reach the end of this list, you should be feeling a little more joyful heading into the weekend. Read up and spread some joy!

1. ‘Hamilton’ is Coming to Disney+.

2. This Twitter star recreated Harry Styles’ epic Fine Line cover.

3. This guy sang quarantine parodies of classic Disney songs.

4. Some Alicia Keys with a side of homeschooling? Yes, pls.
5. Maggie Rogers’ writing club is still going strong.
6. Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande released a new single to raise money for the First Responder’s Children’s Foundation.

7. The LA Times recommended singing your way through quarantine.

8. We launched a playlist with Spotify to support artists around the world! 


9. Talented artists like Jordan Mackampa and more played honest, beautiful sets in the listening room this week.

Header image from @iammaxgreenfield

Stay tuned for more good music news on the Sofar blog, and don’s miss all the joy happening every night in the listening room.

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