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First Comes Love, Then Comes Sofar: Couple Starts Sofar Santa Barbara, Celebrates Wedding

First Comes Love, Then Comes Sofar: Couple Starts Sofar Santa Barbara, Celebrates Wedding
People of SofarMarch 11, 2019

There’s a lot of love behind Sofar Santa Barbara: City Leader Sophia started the local chapter nearly two years ago with her then-boyfriend and audio engineer Barrett. A few months ago, Sophia and Barrett celebrated their wedding! Sophia shares their story:

Our story started with me moving to Santa Barbara to start a new job and only knowing a few people.

My friend Lacey noticed I moved to her hometown and immediately reached out to connect me to her brother, Barrett, who just moved back to Santa Barbara as well. Lacey and I met four years prior at SXSW when we both were at the same showcase for artists we were working with. We remained digital pen pals and only hung out a couple times but always felt connected. Barrett and I became instant friends as if we knew each other for many years.

Sophia and Barrett with the Sofar Santa Barbara team and artists

I reconnected with my college friend and Sofar NYC Director Stephanie Mitchell when she was at a wedding in Santa Barbara, and she was catching me up on her new job with Sofar.

She was excited, and I was excited for her, because we both went to school at CSUN for Music Industry Studies, and Sofar Sounds was something new the music industry hasn't seen to this caliber. I shared my intrigue on how I could get involved to represent Santa Barbara. I noticed there was a creative surge happening in town and I wanted to contribute and Sofar Sounds felt perfect. She knew my production, management and booking background and was so kind to connect me to the team.

I patiently waited and talked it out with Barrett about my dreams of wanting to curate and create an intimate experience, and how Sofar was perfectly aligned with who I am as a person.

Barrett has an audio engineering background, but wasn't exercising it in town. He connected me to his now best friend and eventual best man at our wedding, Michael, to pick his brain and hopefully join my team. Michael has been in the music scene of Santa Barbara for many years, understood what I envisioned and was on board. Barrett joined him, and Michael took him under his wing. They became my pillars. Without their support I wouldn't have made the jump to see Sofar through in town.

Sophia and Barrett with Michael, their best man and Sofar audio engineer

It will be our two year Sofar anniversary in May, and we have grown from one show a month to two and expanding.

Our highlights have ranged from a summer dance party with Bootsy Collins to intimate living room sessions with sunset ocean island view, to an indoor skatepark in an old coastal orchid farm.

I love working with my husband twice a month, sharing our love of music, being of service to the artists and spending time together surrounded by a loving and supportive community. Our creative family in town has been nothing but beautiful, thanks to Sofar Sounds.

Sophia and Barrett got married at a frequent Sofar venue, Via Maria Villa!

Congrats, Sophia and Barrett! Their story epitomizes Sofar’s core value “community-driven.” Learn how to become a Sofar Curator and start a Sofar in your city.