How Private Virtual Concerts Help Employers Fight Off Zoom Fatigue

How Private Virtual Concerts Help Employers Fight Off Zoom Fatigue
Private ConcertsFebruary 16, 2021

Zoom fatigue — we’re all feeling it and we’re all fighting it. With most of the world approaching their one-year anniversary of quarantine, our online world has become increasingly exhausting, making methods of relief even more important. Private Virtual Concerts help teams and communities gather virtually, without the hassle or hiccups of a Zoom happy hour.

Screen time your way.

Does anyone else’s back hurt from sitting at the home desk all day? Feeling fried from staring at the same laptop from 8-6pm? We feel you and we know the best way to enjoy a private virtual concert is from, well, privacy. These webinar-style shows turn your camera off and take the pressure away. Take your laptop outside to a porch or park blanket near you, turn it on the tv, or keep it on in the background while you enjoy a happy hour drink or evening meal. The point is, the choice is yours!

No interaction required.

Are you all out of quips and jokes about our virtual world? Don’t know what to say in the chat to impress your boss? Don’t sweat it. The chat is open to whatever interaction you do or don’t want to give it. Just sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.

Decide your own dress code.

We’ll say it one more time for the people in the back — the camera is off. No business casual necessary. Take a few deep breaths, throw on your pajamas, or get dressed up if that’s your jam. Whatever you wear is up to you.

Our production team has it covered.

You don’t have to ask if everyone can see your screen. You don’t have to double-check the Zoom link. And you don’t have to split-screen the agenda. Our experienced production team is on the job to make sure your private virtual concert runs smoothly with zero hiccups and stress for you.

Learn more about Private Virtual Concerts in the video below, and learn more about booking today!