City Secrets: Thessaloniki, Greece

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The second largest city in Greece, Thessaloniki spans back to 315 BC and now is known as a vibrantly cultural city with a rich Byzantine and Ottoman past where anyone can go to have a good time and soak in history at the same time. Sofar Thessaloniki City Leader Georgianna calls it “the city that never sleeps,” and offers up her favorite local under-the-radar spots:

Aigli Geni Hamam

“From a hamam (Turkish bath) to a cinema up to the bar it is today, Aigli is a small oasis in the city. The courtyard comes in harmony with the rest of the building coalescing history with modern lifestyle. Cozy atmosphere and a perfect choice for cocktail lovers.”

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Roman Forum (Ancient Agora)

“When you want to grab a coffee or beer in a nice surrounding while not trapped in close space, Roman Forum is the place to be. Sitting on the walls surrounding Agora, you might also be lucky to watch a film projection or a live concert while watching a nice sunset or even shooting stars.”

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Roman Forum of Thessaloniki Thessaloniki Hotels

Little Big House Hostel

“The place where travelers and locals meet. Little Big House gives shelter to everyone desiring a nice homemade lemonade or a spectacular brunch. On the rooftop the pleasure increases with the view of both the castles and the port of the city accompanied with a slight summer breeze.”

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Little Big House Hostel Leann Ozer

To Pikap

“All you need for your day you can find it in Pikap. While drinking a nice coffee, you can have a look at the upper floor of Pikap where a new world gets revealed. A second hand shop and a great variety of vinyls is waiting for you to offer you the full experience. This experience becomes even more vivid during the evening since a DJ set will play the best music for you, always with turntables.”

And of course, you can always attend a secret Sofar Thessaloniki show! Get a feel for their local scene by checking out some of their past performances.

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