City Secrets: New York City, USA

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The Big Apple. The City That Never Sleeps. Empire State of Mind. New York City looms iconic in many a dream and throughout pop culture. But within this city of 8 million, there are plenty of off-the-beaten-path spots to explore. The Sofar NYC team shares their favorite spots to discover:


"Find Attaboy behind a nondescript door on the Lower East Side of Manhattan. To get in, a bouncer will pop their head out of the door, take your number and text you when your table is ready. The inside is dimly lit and feels like a mix between a fancy hotel and war bunker. Each cocktail is unique – you describe to your waiter what alcohol, flavors and vibe you like, and they’ll make a specialty drink for you."

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Attaboy Attaboy

Ford Foundation Atrium

“Midtown is one of the main neighborhoods a first-time tourist goes to in NYC, but sometimes among all the huge skyscrapers, flashing lights and sellers hawking souvenirs, you just need to take a breath. The Ford Foundation has a green-filled atrium open to the public that may make you think you’re in the middle of a jungle instead of an office building.”

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The Ford Foundation atrium Ford Foundation

Bushwick Block of Johnson Ave, Randolph St and Scott Ave

“Get off the Jefferson stop of the L, navigate between old industrial buildings and warehouses, and find yourself on one of the coolest blocks in one of the youngest, most thriving nightlife neighborhoods. This small nondescript block is home to Elsewhere, a new concert venue with eclectic, exciting programming and an inclusive philosophy; Bunker, a bright, fun Vietnamese restaurant; and Honey’s, a meadery (yes, mead!) that makes its own honey-based wine on site.”

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Bunker Bunker

Irish Hunger Memorial

“If you find yourself visiting the World Trade Center Memorial (as you should!), walk a few blocks over to the Hudson River waterfront to see the Irish Hunger Memorial. It’s an elevated memorial that has all plants native to Ireland, and if you stand a certain way, you would think you’re in a field on the Emerald Isle. It’s also great to learn about this piece of history.”

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Irish Hunger Memorial Victoria Rich

Mister Sunday

“This popular Sunday afternoon party isn’t exactly a secret and fills up, but it’s well worth a trip on the L to Ridgewood. These DJs have been putting on this weekly outdoors dance party for years, but finally opened their own space, Nowadays, a few years ago. The vibes are some of the happiest and most fun and open you’ll find in NYC, with the DJs spinning all vinyl. Dogs and children are welcome, but phones on the dance floor are not.”

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Mister Sunday Mister Saturday Night

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