City Secrets: Helsinki, Finland

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Finland: the land of saunas, Northern Lights, reindeer and Sofar Helsinki. The understated Scandinavian seaside capital is home to the only Sofar in Finland. City Leader Pablo chooses his favorite unknown places in Helsinki, along with some of the local team's favorite alumni.


“Since running away from a sauna experience while visiting Finland is pretty much impossible, embrace it and get to know the first BYOB public sauna ever. Sompasauna is open 24/7/365 and free of charge, entirely run by volunteers, and the only thing you need to bring with you is a drink.”

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Sompasauna Harri Tarvainen

Kääntöpöytä - Railway Turntable

“Back in the day, Kääntöpöytä used to be a wheelhouse to turn locomotives around, but nowadays is an urban farm and garden in Pasila district that for the last few years has offered waste food brunches and a variety of nice events, from farming workshops to techno clubs and live music.”

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Kääntöpöytä Vilma Uuttu

Superwood Festival

“For two nights in the autumn woods by the seaside of east Helsinki, an intimate music festival is created. A universe reminiscent of childhood summer camps. A sleepover experience with 45 hours of live music, art, films, talks and food.”

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Superwoods Festival

Riviera Kallio

“An independent movie theater and bar with just 55 seats screening both the latest films and old time classics. Movies and food and drinks all together? That’s a solid yes.”

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Riviera Kallio @52weeksofdeliciousness

Press play on Sofar Helsinki’s Spotify playlist! Featuring artists singing in both English and Finnish. If you find yourself in Helsinki, make sure and check out a Sofar show and say hi to Pablo!

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