City Secrets: Dunedin, New Zealand

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Known as the “Edinburgh of the South,” Dunedin is only the 7th largest city in New Zealand with around 120,000 people. A true university town, it has an active student population that keeps the culture vibrant and creative. It’s also built along a natural harbor, making for stunning views and plenty of outdoor activities. Want to know more? Sofar Dunedin City Leader Sakhr shares his favorite under-the-radar spots and a playlist of some of his favorite Sofar Dunedin alumni.

Laneway Cafe, Bar and Tapas

“One of my favorite Dunedin spots. The coffee is great, and the staff are so friendly that you can't help but go back there. There is a fireplace and art all over the place, and their tapas are out of this world!”

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Laneway Cafe Kimpoy Feliciano


“Purakaunui is a beach just over the hill from Dunedin, but seems worlds away since not many people know about it, and it’s very peaceful. There are forest areas surrounding it.”

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Purakaunui Sakhr Munassar


“Used to be known as Refuel, it’s one of the very few student bars left in Dunedin. It is a place for cheap pints and great music. Almost every famous Dunedin band has played there before. Pictured here is Bexy, a Sofar Sounds Dunedin alum and ambassador playing a gig with her band Lacuna.”

Heritage Coffee

Heritage Coffee is one of the best coffee shops in Dunedin. It suits Dunedin's weather very well with its great indoor and outdoor areas. Food there is AMAZING too, and we’ll surely have a Sofar gig there soon.”

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Heritage Coffee Heritage Coffee

And of course, attend a secret Sofar Dunedin show! Can't make it to New Zealand soon? Take a musical vacation by listening to the team's favorite alumni!

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