City Secrets: Austin, USA

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They say everything’s bigger in Texas. That’s definitely true for the Austin music scene, one of the strongest in the US! The home of the famous tech and music festival SXSW and over 250 music venues, the Texas capitol is also a haven for nature lovers, with swimming holes, greenbelts, and a lake close to downtown. Sofar Austin City Leader Steven shares his favorite local secret spots and Sofar Austin artists in a Spotify playlist!

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Campbell's Hole Megan Atchley
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Midnight Cowboy @atxfoodchronicles
8b05e260c7e0810a96a501a44c6d67a5875e8c14 redheadedstepchild austin joey simonetti
Red Headed Stepchild aka "Floppy Disk Repair Co." Joey Simonetti
A2058c27db696275be8c5bbe83819ff968e15d0c firehouselounge austin  joew203
Firehouse Lounge @joew203
Bb733aacb2bb62fa0b6b81b09a91cf805c430f5b milongaroom austin projectschoolhouse
Milonga Room Project Schoolhouse

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