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Creating Welcoming Spaces & Music | Meet Christen Taylor

Creating Welcoming Spaces & Music | Meet Christen Taylor
June 22, 2021

Christen, who performs under the pseudonym of “Like Water” was first introduced to Sofar as an artist in 2017 when she performed in D.C. Her latest EP, “She Called It Noise” was produced, mixed, and engineered by Ashley Donald, Production Operations Manager for Sofar. Christen’s meditative, looping, sensory immersive music is a perfect match for her calming energy and kind spirit. I also found this indicative of the way she led the team as City Director of Sofar Baltimore.

“The Pride events were always super important, similar to the Black History Month events, because I identify with both, and a lot of my team are under the LGBTQ+ umbrella. I felt like it was the city director's job to help usher people along the journey of this expansive experience, whether or not you are a part of the community that we're celebrating.”

Christen also spoke on her personal experience with how her identity intersects with her artistry.

“There was a time when I would adjust my lyrics because I was worried it would close the door for people who want to feel connected to it. As I've evolved, I’ve learned that it will always be for whoever needs it, and I have to create from a place of truth and authenticity.”

Christen closed our conversation with beautiful words of affirmation:

“I just want to remind people that they're important just because they exist. I am honored and grateful to have had the freedom to live in my truth, but everybody is not allowed that grace, freedom, or safety. I want to send love to folks that need to be validated and need to know that even if they can't be out that they are loved, seen, and heard. I hope that they find spaces where they can be themselves and really thrive.

Interview by Jenn Mundia, Sofar Sounds Communications and Engagement Manager.