Meet Eddie Harris | Head of DEI at Sofar Sounds

Meet Eddie Harris | Head of DEI at Sofar Sounds
February 18, 2021

Eddie Harris, former City Director of Sofar Charlotte, was brought on as head of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion last August after a long summer where many people in the world were looking at social justice in a whole new way. He has always been a light in the Sofar community and has been making strides with a combination of expertise and compassion since stepping in to his new role.

“All of our initiatives are about establishing a foundation for long-term work. Oppression and omission have the potential to show up anywhere—you need as many people in an organization working on it as possible. And I’m not just here advocating because I think that it’s cool; I am a Black, queer, liberal man, and all of my friends are at the margins of life.

I respect Black History Month while knowing that to understand Black contribution is to understand that Black History Month is insufficient and could never be enough to acknowledge who we are. Blackness was never intended to be a compliment. It wasn’t even intended to be something you bestow on another human. It was meant to be a curse, a tragedy, a limitation. And Black people took this label that was only made with ill intent and turned it into a culture that people emulate, a vibe, and a movement. You gave us scraps and we made soul food.”

Eddie recently released his debut single, “Trust” under his pseudonym, Saint Floyd.

“I wrote my first song after a Sofar trip to New Orleans. I broke down on the roof after writing the first few lines. Growing up as a queer kid I didn’t want to give anybody a reason to point me out, so I stopped performing—this release has been full circle in facilitating healing for me. Releasing a song was monumental and life-changing. I’ve tried to hide this piece of myself away for decades so to put it on front street is crazy."

"Music is in the process of saving my life.”

Interview by Jenn Mundia