Best Unconventional NYC Date Ideas

Best Unconventional NYC Date Ideas
September 26, 2018

Sofar shows can be the perfect place to meet new people in your community, breeding quite a few love stories and marriages over the years! Sofar’s Marketing Manager Adam met his girlfriend Alexis when they were both Sofar NYC ambassadors and grabbed a slice of pizza together after a show. Since a Sofar can make for a perfect unconventional date, Adam and Alexis share their favorite off-the-beaten-path date ideas in New York City!

Rage Room

“Been dating for a while and need to take out some rage on some inanimate objects? Find your nearest rage room. We went to one for Alexis’ birthday, where we smashed up a bedside table and a printer with a baseball bat.”

Go for a Hike

“Get out of the city and go for a hike. We took a train to upstate New York and hiked Breakneck Ridge. Alexis had a 40 minute panic attack and we had to cut the hike short, but I had a great time taking in some fresh air and some breathtaking views.”

Adam and Alexis

Local Music

“Wherever you are, there are always hidden musical gems waiting to be discovered. One of our favorites is Brownstone Jazz, where local Brooklyn jazz musicians come together to play an intimate show in a brownstone living room two blocks from our own apartment. They serve amazing food during the interval as well.”

Drink and Draw

“Paint by numbers for adults. Get in touch with your creative side by painting some things and drinking some drinks. You can follow instructions or go down your own route.”

Drink and Draw in Brooklyn


“Have a holiday in your own city. There are often great nightly hotel rates for locals. Alexis and I recently had a blast at the William Vale Hotel, overlooking Manhattan.”

And of course, you can always attend a Sofar!

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