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Best Covers of Sofar's Past

Best Covers of Sofar's Past
April 7, 2021

There’s something exhilarating about hearing your favorite songs in a fresh new way. That’s why we compiled the best covers from past Sofar shows around the world. Check out the list below for moving and often surprising renditions of classic songs from independent artists across the globe.

Johari Noelle - Love With You (Erykah Badu cover) | Sofar Chicago

Known for her passion and angelic voice, Johari Noelle has her roots in R&B and Soul. She brought her all to this Erykah Badu cover, and it wows us every time we hear it.

Idyl - Lost on you (LP Cover) | Sofar Liège

Using her soft, effortless voice, Idyl transforms fellow Sofar alum LP’s hit “Lost on You” to something slower and more intimate at her show with Sofar Liège.

SHIRA - Creep (Radiohead Cover) | Sofar Los Angeles

Born in Israel, living in Brooklyn, SHIRA is a songwriter, producer, writer and visual artist who stunned us with this emotional cover of Radiohead’s, “Creep.”

Slaves - I Fall Apart (Post Malone Cover) | Sofar Chicago

We didn’t see this tender cover of Post Malone’s “I Fall Apart” coming from hard rock band, Slaves, but now we can’t unsee it.

Taylor Mallory - For Sale (Kendrick Lamar Cover) | Sofar Chicago

A multi-talented singer, songwriter, actor, and artist whose live performances are musical journeys from start to finish, Taylor Mallory brought all the magic to this Kendrick Lamar song.

City of the Sun - Intro (The xx Cover) | Sofar NYC

Many New Yorkers have come across the dynamic trio City of the Sun busking on the streets, but we brought them to a bakery, where they performed their amazing acoustic cover of The xx’s “Intro.”

Calan Mai - Humble (Kendrick Lamar Cover) | Sofar Gold Coast

This unexpected cover brings a new and endearing side to a song we were already obsessed with.

Cameron Calloway - Landslide (Fleetwood Mac Cover) | Sofar San Francisco

It wouldn’t be a cover roundup with this classic song. You know all the words, but you won’t want to sing them too loud for fear of missing the magical voice of Cameron Calloway.

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