Backstage Pass: Bangalore Artist Mahesh on his Six City Sofar India Tour

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Bangalore singer-songwriter Mahesh has long been a favorite of the Sofar teams in India, so to celebrate the launch of his new EP Accept, Sofar India sent him on a six city tour in August, including stops in Shillong, Pune, Bombay, Goa, Bangalore and Kochi. The cities were revealed the night before each show. Mahesh talks to us about his most memorable tour moments and what the Indian independent scene is like:

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Mahesh performing at Sofar Pune Prithwish Pasha
4705a5cd59889399e45c61e21d2c4bf6556cd0d6 mahesh goa barabor goa 082818 waman pednekar
Mahesh at Sofar Goa Waman Pednekar
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Mahesh performing at Sofar Bangalore Rahul David Piljen

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