Artist Dispatch: What artists are looking forward to right now

Artist Dispatch: What artists are looking forward to right now
Artist DispatchJune 18, 2020

COVID-19 has undoubtedly disrupted many industries, including our beloved music industry. Album releases have been postponed, and all live shows have been canceled until an unknown later date, putting artists’ already tenuous livelihood on shakier ground. But, things aren’t all doom and gloom. Artists are working harder than ever to share their music and connect with fans through creative livestreams, quarantine collaborations, and more. 

We wanted to get a real glance at what it means to be a musician during this time, so we gathered a group of Sofar alumni, spanning Sydney to Seattle to Toronto, to weigh in. Twice a week, they’ll be sharing their thoughts on different topics related to this crazy time we’re all in. 





This week we asked them:

What are you hopeful about or looking forward to once the pandemic is over or has settled?

I am most definitely looking forward to playing with my musical partners in the same space! I MISS THEM! And I equally miss and look forward to sharing time, space and energy with a live audience. There is nothing that beats synergy and the flow of energy back and forth when people are gathered in one space.

-Vivian Garcia, Chicago

A benefit to being home so much is that I have the time to meal plan and prep. I’ve cooked 100% of my meals since the stay-at-home order began in Chicago. It’s a ton of work but on a very limited income, it’s the most economical way to go. It is also pretty dang healthy, at least in my case. I‘ve been including salads every day and lots of fresh produce. 

I’ve also taken to picking up my little free weights and have been spending the last few weeks working out, even if just a little, every day. It’s not much but it’s certainly more than pre-COVID.

-Vivian Garcia, Chicago

I'm definitely looking forward to standing in line for a pizza Like frfr. Also, getting back to traveling and just moving around internationally. Reconnecting with distant friends, and making even more memories to sing about. Interactive shows where the audience and I sing as one, helping another harness beautiful moments.


I'm hopeful the industry will change from restaurant gigs where no one listens to even more Sofar Sounds shows or ones that are similar, maybe independent. Sofar has provided such a great service to musicians and to audiences. If we can expand that business model to encompass most of the live music industry, I think we would put a lot of power in the hands of the artists and make audiences really happy.

- Kiaran aka Kubla, Toronto

House shows! We had such an overwhelming response to our call for hosts last year and that was our goal this year. The beautiful thing about Sofar is that it has given us a way to create deeper relationships with our community and fans, people love that they can put on their own “Sofar” with a band they saw and bring their friends out to experience it in almost the same environment. Once we can have 50 and under gatherings again, we're about to do some amazing house shows!!! 

- Myra of Stereo RV, Seattle

I’m definitely looking forward to playing some live gigs! I’m also looking forward to not having Zoom meetings or standing in line waiting to get into a store.

-Yasmin Williams, Baltimore

Once this quarantine is over, I’m looking forward to performing on stage again. Hopefully able to go back on the road and travel the world.

- Miracle Foster, Dallas

Playing music again!!!! We're also working on an album right now, so we are excited to get back into the studio and finish that. We can't wait for the day we can play a show and hug everyone in the audience again… We are hopeful that the world of live music will come back to life and we can share space with all the people we love.

- Kathleen and Aubrey of LVDY, Denver

Drinking a Tooheys Old at the pub with the boys, then flying to Indo and surfing/riding motorbikes for a couple of months. Once I have gotten this out of my system, I'm keen to tour again and continue performing live original instrumental music.

- Taylor of Brekky Boy,Sydney

Thanks to these artists for sharing with us, and we’ll be back next week to talk with them about what parts of quarantine they're learning to appreciate.

In the meantime, join us daily in Sofar’s listening room for livestreams, where you can donate directly to the performing artists.

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