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9 Stages Of Joy At A Sofar Show

9 Stages Of Joy At A Sofar Show
May 25, 2021

Whether you’re attending your first ever Sofar show or you’re a seasoned vet who’s ready to get back to the Sofar magic, we can all relate to the 9 Stages of Joy at a Sofar show. From discovering the killer venues and the talented artists to joining a rad community of music lovers, there’s so much to be joyful about when you attend a Sofar show (if we do say so ourselves). Read on for the full Sofar experience and check your inbox for live shows returning to your city!

1. Arriving to discover an amazing venue hidden right under your nose

You never know where your Sofar show might be! A climbing gym, neighborhood brewery, or a community garden? Could be any of those. Arrive early to scope out the place and get the best seat in the house. You'll get an intimate view of exciting musicians playing stripped down sets in a unique space.

2. Nervously talking to your neighbor

We get it, putting yourself out there is hard, especially after a year without socializing. But luckily for you, Sofar audiences are full of open-minded music lovers just like you. Here’s a conversation starter: “Have you been to a Sofar before?”

3. Omg a friend! Realizing you have like, so much in common

Is there anything better than trading music recommendations with a new friend? At Sofar shows you’ll always have at least one thing in common with your neighbor: a love of music.

4. Realizing how good the show will be during the sound check

Each Sofar artist is hand-picked for their talent and performances, so you get access to up-and-coming stars that are guaranteed to blow your mind. You’ll be sold at the sound check, we promise!

5. Laughing at the MC's puns

We love a good pun and we’re not afraid to show it. Each Sofar MC (or Master of Ceremonies) is a dedicated community member who loves music as much as you do.

6. The excitement when the lights first dim

It’s time! Keep your ears open, keep the talking to a minimum and prepare to be blown away.

7. Typing the artists’ names into Spotify because holy $h!t, you love them

Repeat after us: support 👏 local 👏 artists 👏 . From the first seconds of sound check to a lucky encore, you’re going to want to support every Sofar artist you meet. Make sure to find every Sofar artist you see on all the platforms and rep their merch before everyone else (it really does make a difference).

8. Pouring another glass of your beverage-of-choice

Most Sofar shows are BYOB (check the show email for details beforehand to be sure). Bring your favorite something to sip on and a reusable cup to hold the goods.

9. Telling all your friends they HAVE to come with you next time

The best part about finding something you love is sharing it. Bring your friends and fellow music-lovers to your next Sofar show so they can experience the joy of Sofar!

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